For optimum volume and smoothest texture, sugar should be added gradually, beating after each addition until sugar is dissolved before adding the next. You need to “gently” spread. Use a few small dobs of the mixture to secure the grease proof paper to the tray. The eggs must be spanking fresh as this makes them easier to separate. Whisk on a low speed for 1 minute, then increase the speed to medium and whisk for another 2-3 minutes, or until the egg whites form stiff peaks. Now you can stay up to date with all the latest news, recipes and offers. While there are many ways to make meringue, there is one important rule to remember in making it the authentic way, and that is the 1:2 ratio of egg whites to sugar. I like to use superfine sugar when making meringue because it dissolves faster than table sugar. I love that you give so much information. Don't worry we've got you covered with recipes for angel food cake, meringues and more. Put egg whites into clean mixing bowl. Test Kitchen tip: Once you add all of the sugar, you can stop worrying about overbeating. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. To separate an egg:  Crack the egg and hold the shell halves over a bowl. Then try this. Why do you add the sugar gradually and not all at once? I left some in the oven (switched off after cooking) overnight, and they came out completely crisp, all the way through. ”. NOTE: I would not hand beat a meringues (too much work). Opt for another complimentary flavor for your dessert to make it your own. Also when you swirl a spoon through it and the swirls hold their shape indefinitely. Whichever type of bowl you use, be sure it is spotlessly clean. The recipe is correct, the meringue should be added to the HOT filling. I guess after all these years of randomingly adding my sugar amounts, I had been adding just heaping amounts, not really measuring properly. A beaten egg white can foam to 6 to 8 times its original volume if the egg whites have been at room temperature for 30 minutes before beating. Test Kitchen tip: Once you stop whipping the egg whites, it’s best to move quickly. Hands-on time 15 min, oven time 1 hour 15 min-1 hour 30min, plus cooling. Switch the whisk on to a slow speed and begin whisking for about two minutes, or until everything has become bubbly (this timing will be right for 2 to 3 egg whites; you'll need slightly more time for 4, 5 or 6). This is called “weeping.” Check out this article from Sunset Magazine on meringue weekping. – Do not completely fold the soft-whipped egg whites and batter together. today for just £13.50 – that's HALF PRICE! Do not try to fish it out with your fingers; the oil on your skin will prevent the egg whites from expanding. For better stability, a good rule of thumb is to use fresher eggs for meringues, saving older ones for general baking. Thin, older egg whites whip more easily to a higher volume than thick, fresh egg whites. There is no simple solution to this problem of storing a meringue-topped pie. You're currently on page 1 Page 2 Next; Ultimate meringue. Put the egg whites in a large bowl. Meringue should be on the sweet side, with a crisp texture that will inst… Add the sugar at the very end when the whites have formed soft peaks. To ensure no broken yolks get into your whites, separate each egg into two small bowls — one for the white and one for the yolk — and then add the white portion to a large bowl. That way, you will avoid leaving oils from your hands on the utensils you just washed. Keep making instructions or blogs, whatever source of information about baking for everybody. It would not sound right to say 58.33g per egg white. You might be wondering what to do with egg whites when you're left with extra. To make crispy meringue to crumble over ice cream, turn off the oven and leave meringues to cool in the oven, then proceed as described above. and Temp? Gradually beat in the remaining sugar 1 tablespoon at a time. If volume is more important than stability, then older eggs are better to use. Bake the meringue at 325 degrees F. for 20 to 30 minutes or until a cooking thermometer registers 160 degrees F.  Remember a hot filling is important. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Meringues will become more done if you bake them at a lower temperature for a longer time. Beat those ingredients together and like magic, they transform into a silky texture that you can use to make everything from this Chocolate S’mores Tart to these gorgeous Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses. Thanks so much. You can watch how to do this in our Cookery School Video on the right. 40 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice Make the most of leftover egg whites by whipping them into light desserts such as meringues, pavlovas and macarons or savoury dishes like frittatas or dumplings. This means that if an accident occurs with, say, the third egg and you break the yolk, the other two are safe. Gradually stir in the cold water. Meringue can take on many roles, from a creamy pie topping to sweet, crunchy cookies. Next, whisk the sugar in on fast speed, about a tablespoon at a time, until you have a stiff and glossy mixture with a satin sheen. The secret seems to be to add the sugar one tablespoon at a time, and whisk well inbetween. In a large, grease-free mixing bowl, whisk the egg whites to soft peaks. Looking for exact amounts? Editor’s tip: You can also check your eggs’ freshness by decoding the numbers on the egg carton. Adding sugar at the beginning can double the time you have to whip the egg whites to get a foam. Then as soon as you’re feeling like a pro, be inspired by the recipes in our marvellous meringue collection – over 30 to browse. To dry meringues out further, you can leave them in the turned-off oven for several hours or up to overnight. Nicole is a writer, editor and lover of Italian food. Spoon onto baking sheets lined with baking parchment (or a liner) ready for baking. Here’s how to make meringue in its two most common forms: soft meringue and stiff meringue. Use a spatula to spread rafts or create large circles of meringue; use a spoon to dollop on small mounds of meringue; or, get super fancy and use a pastry bag to pipe out designs or shapes as you like. Line a baking tray with baking paper, fixing it in place with a tiny blob of meringue in each corner (we have a. Bake for 1¼ hours for mallowy centres, or 1½ hours if you prefer crisper meringues. (deployads = window.deployads || []).push({}); Making Perfect Egg White Meringue is much like blowing air into a balloon while whipping. The meringue is done when it is not runny and when you can hold a spoonful of it upside down and none of it drops off. magazine. Once whipped, the foam from thin whites is less stable because the liquid film drains more easily from the bubbles. For the strongest and most stable meringue, add 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar for every egg white before beating—it’s an acid that stabilizes the egg white. Room Temperature:  After separating, bring egg whites to room temperature to ensure volume when beating (as warmer eggs whip faster than cold eggs). The residual heat carried by the filling cooks the base of the meringue ever so slightly, making it less prone to leaking or shrinking. Where I am wrong ? Privacy policy. In a very clean bowl and using an electric beater, beat egg whites with salt until stiff. Cook and stir over medium heat until the mixture turns clear. Some meringues are baked lightly, so their insides are still soft, others are baked until they are crisp all the way through.