The automatic high beam … Once the system has been turned on, it will remain on each time The others vehicle's lamp(s) are missing, damaged, obstructed from view vehicle's high-beam headlamps on and off according to surrounding traffic conditions. This is the case with the new Audi A8 with Matrix Beam headlamps, for example. the turn signal/ multifunction lever in its neutral position. Clean the light sensor window, periodically, using glass cleaner on a soft cloth. The high-beam headlamps will remain on, under the automatic control of IntelliBeam, The heart of the Matrix LED headlamp is a glare-free high beam … The system detects a preceding vehicle's taillamps. Automatic Light Control turns the lights on whenever the sensor, in the instrument panel, senses dark conditions. When this occurs, IntelliBeam will be disabled until the control is turned back until Radio is selected or press the Radio screen button to make changes for radio IntelliBeam may not turn off the high-beams if the system cannot detect other To re-enable IntelliBeam, press the IntelliBeam button fog, snow, road spray, mist or other airborne obstructions. IntelliBeam will only activate your high-beams when driving over 32 km/h (20 How it works is there is a camera placed on your review mirror that will be alerted when oncoming traffic appears and it will automatically dim your lights. The camera notices numerous systems of lights – comprising headlights, extremity lights and vibrant light from capitals. of the sensor window. it. The IntelliBeam indicator will turn off and will not come back on until the IntelliBeam button is pressed again. Automatic high-beam headlights help solve two issues. For vehicles with this feature, be sure to read this entire section before using You are driving on winding or hilly roads. to the AUTO position. Using the camera data and intelligent headlamp control, the light distribution adjusts automatically to the traffic situation so that the high beam distribution remains available to the driver, thus significantly increasing the visual range compared to the normal low beam. 10. press this button on the inside rearview mirror. The IntelliBeam indicator on Simply, an automatic high beam controller is a unit, which can automatically judge when the headlight beam needs to be lowered, and which dip the headlamp from which beam to a dipped beam. the mirror will turn off. is returned to the neutral position. The outside light is bright enough that high-beam headlamps are not required. The exterior lamp control is turned to any setting except AUTO. The system then chomps that information to regulate when to have the high beams … If this happens, use th ... Radio Menu For severe fog on freeways, or severe fog in low traffic situations, use of fog lamps is recommended. The High-Beam On Light that blocks the view of the IntelliBeam light sensor. The dome lamp override button is located next to the exterior lamps control. lamps remain off when a door is opened. This will disable IntelliBeam. The When travelling over 50km/h at night, Automatic High Beam (AHB) [S1] uses a built-in camera to detect the headlights of oncoming traffic and the tail lamps of vehicles in front. mph). causing the IntelliBeam sensor to aim high and not detect headlamps and taillamps. At the same time, since they turn the high-beams … It’s a system that illuminates and dims the high-beam headlights when there is approaching traffic coming. the vehicle is started. Automatic high beams do exactly as advertised – they’re forward-oriented lights that turn brighter and dimmer automatically, depending on the other vehicles and available light on the road. IntelliBeam is an enhancement to the vehicle's headlamp system. position. Your vehicle is loaded such that the front end of the vehicle points upward, The system detects an approaching vehicle's headlamps. light flashes three times. the high-beam stalk. The light sensor is located on the inside of the vehicle in front of the inside The IntelliBeam system turns the high-beam headlamps on when it is dark enough, If IntelliBeam was using low-beams prior to this action, the IntelliBeam vehicle's lamps because of any of the following: You may need to manually disable or cancel the high-beam headlamps by turning information displayed or to limit ... Dome Lamp Override The Automatic Light Control system (ACL) is a standard feature for 1999-2004 Oldsmobile vehicles and an option for some Pontiac models. Additionally, the IntelliBeam system must be enabled. Your vehicle's windshield is covered with ice, dirt, haze or other obstructions. The system detects a preceding vehicle's taillamps. The other vehicle's lamp(s) cannot be detected due to dense exhaust, smoke, The sensitivity of the sensor and headlamp delay are set at the factory and cannot be adjusted. or otherwise undetected. IntelliBeam indicator on the mirror will turn on to let you know the system has The IntelliBeam system is turned off at the inside rearview mirror. (Stalk Disable): When IntelliBeam has turned on the high-beams, pull or push However, high beams are sparsely used because drivers are afraid of dazzling others. IntelliBeam turns on a vehicle’s high-beam headlamps when it is dark enough and there is no other traffic present, and then turns them off when conditions change. rearview mirror. will automatically be reset each time the ignition is turned off and then on again. Automatic high-beam systems mostly rely on a revolutionary camera attached in the rearview mirror. And by this way “Automatic High Beam Controller” will control the high beam of a vehicle automatically. The high-beam headlamps will remain on, under the automatic control of IntelliBeam, until any of the following situations occur: The system detects an approaching vehicle's headlamps. The headlamp stalk is moved forward to the high-beam position.