Uncle Roger’s YouTube video about the proper way to make egg fried rice has gone viral since its release on July 8. After several minutes, she drained and rinsed the rice with tap water. Add the eggs and cook, stirring, until scrambled. However, she did not wash the rice first. A reaction video by a Malaysian comedian to an April 2019 BBC Food program video on how to make egg fried rice went viral on Chinese social media over the weekend, with the netizens saying they were Uncle Roger ended by announcing the next video in which Patel will demonstrate the right way to make fried rice. I was doing a job for BBC presenting the recipe, I know how to cook rice,” Patel explained. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. he asked, perplexed. BBC comedy cooking egg fried rice food TheGist video viral Akmal Hakim Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Akmal returns to the newly improved TRP to uncover cold truths and walk the fine line between deep and dumb. #riceislife #uncleroger”. As an Asian, that video killed us all with the sad way of cooking rice. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. "You killing me, woman!" The video has also since been circulated on other platforms on the Internet, notably boasting another nine million views on Twitter after it was shared by American comic Jenny Yang last Thursday, 23 July. 3 Villanova beats No. Uncle Roger's hilarious reaction to how the BBC host cooked rice took the Internet by storm recently as people from all over the world related to his distress. Remember the viral BBC egg fried rice video? Don’t post anything mean on Instagram, otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you,” Uncle Roger said in the video. Her cooking method provoked a backlash from people across Asia. UK-based Malaysian stand-up comedian Nigel Ng has finally met up with BBC Food host Hersha Patel after her egg fried rice cooking tutorial became famous for unfortunate reasons The two met up amicably despite Ng having made fun of Hersha's method of preparing rice … In response to the video, many commented, “ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT how to cook rice,” while others said that every Asian knows that you should use cold, leftover cooked rice to make fried rice.”, One said: “BBC woman: This is an episode of how we can trigger Asians.”, Then on Saturday, Uncle Roger retweeted a post from Patel with a video of the two talking, which read, “Big development: Uncle Roger is now making a collab with egg fried rice lady @hershapatel1.”. Comedian’s Reaction To BBC Food Host Cooking Fried Rice Is Every Asian Ever. ""First you use colander to dry the rice, and now you put water. G.E.M., Jay Chou send best wishes to Will Pan and Luna! THIS RICE COOKING IS A HATE CRIMEpic.twitter.com/V4N4gS4W77. Owned by REV Media Group, a part of Media Prima Group, Germany's coronavirus infections pass one million, Norihan showing positive signs of recovery, Ringgit to continue upward trajectory next week, Bursa Malaysia to trade in cautious mode next week, Netizens Debate After MasterChef AU Judge Criticises Wonton Centre For Being "Not Crunchy", CNN Listed Beef Rendang As Curry And Malaysians Are So Done With This Sh*t, British Woman Called Nasi Lemak A "Wickedly Bad Meal" And All Hell Broke Loose, 10 Crispy Times The Internet Roasted MasterChef UK Judges Over Their Rendang Comments. he said in disbelief, adding that he had never seen anyone drain their rice like this before. Drain the rice? “I’ve been trolled. In an exaggerated accent in the video, the comedian watched in exasperation as she prepared the dish in an unconventional manner, which included not washing the rice before cooking, using a cup to measure her water-to-rice ratio, and - most confusing to Uncle Roger - draining her rice after cooking."Draining! "Draining! Transfer to a plate and return the pan to the heat. Don't post anything mean on Instagram alright. Patel used an English teacup to measure the rice; she drained rice with a strainer; and, used a cooktop to fry the rice. Malaysian comedian, Uncle Roger even make a reaction video. "The two then told fans to wait for their collaboration video, in which Hersha promised she will show Uncle Roger how she actually cooks rice. You are now subscribed to the SAYS newsletter! Apparently, he … The two met up amicably despite Ng having made fun of Hersha's method of preparing rice as his YouTube alter ego, Uncle Roger. SAYS is Malaysia's social news company. We'll send a list to your inbox, once a day. Oh my god. Big development: uncle roger is now making a collab with egg fried rice lady @hershapatel1 https://t.co/pMjVOWe1P1. "Because whilst this guy's blown up, like nobody's business, I've been trolled!" In July 2020, Ng attracted attention for his video critique of Hersha Patel's BBC Food video on cooking egg-fried rice. You ruining the rice! What is she doing? After several minutes, she drained and rinsed the rice with tap water. Patel used an English teacup to measure the rice; she drained rice with a strainer; and, used a cooktop to fry the rice. Five must-visit Matcha ice cream shops in Taipei. He was further shocked when she continued to stand at the sink and swirl the rice under running tap water. Drain the rice? The result ends up him clowning BBC host’s cooking method for making egg fried rice. ;). TAIPEI (The China Post) — Malaysian influencer “Uncle Roger” said on Saturday that he met with BBC Food host Hersha Patel to talk about her controversial video on how to make “egg fried rice” that was released by BBC Food last year. BBC host responds to controversial rice-making video, Taiwan reports 14 imported COVID-19 cases, highest surge since July, Ruling, opposition parties clash at Legislative Yuan over ractopamine issue, Japanese Christmas market to kick off in Taipei on Dec. 19, China hikes taxes on Australian wine amid political tension, S Korea agency says N Korea executed people, shut Pyongyang, Asian stocks mixed amid unease about vaccine development, Asian stocks fall amid unease about vaccine development, Asia Today | South Korea cases stay above 500 for 2nd…, Brandon Marshall tries to break the stigma of mental illness, No. However, she did not wash the rice first. Malaysian Comedian ‘Amazed’ Watching BBC Video of Making Egg Fried Rice! This project will give you plenty of practice with chopping as you make Hersha Patel’s egg-fried rice. After the video went viral, Ng and Patel appeared on BBC together. Uncle Roger can teach MasterClass on making rice," he continued. The Malaysian comedian himself has also gained many new fans with people laughing at his outrageous accent and comments. "Hersha's really good, she's a great presenter, really funny. Malaysian comedian Nigel NG had shared a video on his channel, criticising BBC presenter Hersha Patel’s fried rice recipe. Oh my god," Uncle Roger cried as she shook cooked rice out of her saucepan and into a colander over the sink. While the ingredients are variable, the rice – as well as the way its cooked – is non-negotiable. On April 25th, 2019, BBC Food uploaded video on how to make Egg Fried Rice, hosted by Hersha Patel, on their website and Facebook page. Hersha chimed in.She clarified, "Okay, I'll just make a quick point. Add the remaining oil, then tip in the egg mixture. “I just had dinner with this lady. "Big development, Uncle Roger is now making a collaboration with egg fried rice lady," Ng said in a tweet on Saturday, 25 July, after they met to discuss her 'crimes' against rice.In the short reveal, Ng first asked netizens to stop bullying the cooking show host online. Uncle Roger’s YouTube video about the proper way to make egg fried rice has gone viral since its release on July 8. You’ll also explore cooking on the hob at different temperatures. 18 ASU 83-74 to win Empire…, U.S. officials tested upon arrival but info classified: Chen Shih-chung, Na Dou responds to critics after winning Golden Horse award, Jolin Tsai stuns Kaohsiung audiences for 3 days in a row, Air Force increases trial flight hours of Taiwan ‘Brave Eagle’ jet, NCC tramples on press freedom, muzzles Taiwan opposition media CTi News, Embrace fall with these #Instaworthy spots in Taichung, Secret Taipei garden becomes new #Instaworthy destination, Ultimate #Instaworthy spot to observe Taipei 101 unveiled, Blogger unveils ‘Ang Lee-connection’ to classic movie theaters in Taiwan, Top California air, climate regulator hopes to run Biden EPA, Trump says he'll leave if Electoral College seats Biden, In Georgia, Republicans juggle Biden win and Trump loyalties, They're baaack: Trump and allies still refuse election loss, Biden seeks unity as Trump stokes fading embers of campaign, 老外看台灣/老外闖萬里最恐怖廢墟 在二樓看見這畫面寒毛直豎 | Bloggers share photos of ‘creepy’ urban place in New…, 秒飛日本東京耶誕市集!最仙藍海隧道就在台北 | Japanese Christmas market to kick off in Taipei, 英國運動猛男全裸上陣!鮮肉月曆背後目的超感人 | Warwick Rowers unveil new naked calendar, urge gender equality, 老外看台灣/老外見萊豬抗議牌子超驚嚇 網友傻眼:連雞雞都拿出來 | Taiwanese protest U.S. pork imports for this ‘peculiar reason’, 大馬媳婦揭新加坡天價生產費用 一看帳單崩潰直呼:台灣健保太棒了 | Malaysian blogger explains why Taiwan health insurance better than…, 美國訂房網曝亞洲旅遊趨勢 台灣國內旅遊超夯領先全球 | Taiwan, Thailand leading Asia and the world in travel…, 台北101最神取景!老外瘋傳台版「深夜食堂」絕美照片 | Ultimate Taipei 101 #Instaworthy spot goes viral.