I like to make most of my food ahead of time. The kids really like it when I add rice! Hi Jenn: I can’t wait to try this soup, but I haven’t been able to find shallots in my country. I think the green chili and fish sauce are key ingredients, even though you don’t need much of it. I know I will be making this often. It’s better with traditional rice noodles. It was spicy enough that we did not need the sriracha. I also used Udon noodles because I had some in the fridge. To the best of my knowledge, all of the ingredients used in this recipe are gluten-free or widely available in gluten-free versions. Bonus: using a rotisserie chicken so I don’t have to cook any meat. Thanks Jenn! This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. ♥  More recipes to come later in the week, trust me, you won’t wanna miss this one. You’ll notice that the recipe calls for Thai green curry paste, an excellent substitute for hard-to-find Asian ingredients, like lemongrass and galangal. Lisa. I followed the recipe exactly and added more lime juice at the end. This was very good! Super easy and yummy on a stormy evening! Regarding the curry paste, while it varies by brand, red curry paste is generally not spicier than green; sometimes just the opposite, so next time I’d stick to 1 Tbsp. Delicious! Flavours are awesome. Total Carbohydrate My stepdaughter has a very refined palate and she said I need this recipe immediately! No more left for anyone else. For your readers who like spicy I recommend the Mae Ploy green curry paste. It matches the profile of one of our favorite Thai restaurants. I had to subtract some of the recipe such as oil and substitute soy sauce with tamari low sodium soy sauce. Let me know what you think! What a great idea! I omitted the fish sauce to cut down a little on the sodium and the taste was still great. The flavors all come together in a wonderful way. Asian Stir Fried Shrimp and Rice Noodles The MOM 100 Cookbook. Wondering if I can freeze some? Fantastic soup! Just made it last night. I think basil or mint would be good substitutes. Ladle broth into serving bowls and add desired amount of cooked rice noodles. The broth is fabulous! What gorgeous photos girl! I made this recipe based on all the favorable reviews. Hope that clarifies! Hi Jenn! Even my 2 & 5 year olds loved it! At first I thought there was too much fish sauce when I tasted in the pot, but once the add-in ingredients were in the bowl everything was perfect. I made this last night and it was fabulous! Definitely use that because it’s a great taste and I know the red would have been such a different flavor profile.). I’ve made this recipe tonight and it was lovely! Everyone seemed to have loved this soup. ), her recipes wow guests, are delicious, and…I know I’ve used this word before, but they are interesting. Thanks for another success story on my attempt to be creative. Always enjoy your delicious recipes, which are easily made, and with ingredients most home cooks can source. Strain the broth through a sieve lined with 2 paper towels, this removes the sediment and some of the fat. The first time I made this, we found the 2T fish sauce overwhelming. Here’s a recipe if you need one. My husband and I both agree this soup recipe is a keeper! Hi, When do you cook the chicken and add it to the soup? The soup will still be tasty; just without as much of a Thai “bent.”. It is best when made totally from scratch and the chicken is cooked in a crock-pot but can be made using a store roasted chicken. Thank you for the recipe! I knew it would be wonderful because every recipe that I’ve made from the OUAC website has been great. Thank you so much, that means a lot. Hubby is on the second helping, trusty box of Kleenex and Siracha by his side. It is AMAZING! I also purchased your cookbook which I don’t usually do. Maybe it was just the type I used. Thank you! Rice again, avocado chunks, and since I had no cilantro, I got brave and sprinkled some finely chopped fresh mint leaves on top. Delicious! Your recipes are getting more and more international . The pay off is awesome. Besides being easy and tasting awesome, my husband said he thinks it definitely made him feel better! You could replace the fish sauce with an equal amount of soy sauce. What I also love is that you don’t have crazy ingredients that most of us who enjoy cooking don’t have on hand. a satisfying, slightly spicy thai chicken & rice noodle soup with scallions and herbs . But went to the store in a snowstorm, and there were no chickens. Terms | Privacy. Going into our meal rotation! Easy weeknight soup-thanks! This was absolutely DELICIOUS! Thank you for another delicious, easy recipe, Jenn. If so, when did you add in? Absolutely perfect after a day of cross-country skiing. Hi Nicole, You could try omitting it, but you might start off with a half as much curry paste, fish sauce and lime juice – then add more to taste. Even my son loved it and he is a picky eater. I did add 6 cloves of crushed garlic and also simmered the broth with a couple of stalks of lemongrass. The broth was great the noodles no. I’m generally don’t like to use a full amount of hot sauce, but with this recipe, it’s exactly what it needs. Hope that helps! Used shrimp and was OUTSTANDING. Halve the leek, rinse under running water, shake dry and chop only the white part into narrow rings. (By the way, I had to go to my local Asian food store to find the green curry paste. I would not change a thing otherwise, it was a great recipe! Every single recipe I have made from this site is excellent. So much flavor beware when buying noodles make sure to buy thin noodles. I definitely would have considered adding cooked chicken, but didn’t have any on hand. I baked some chicken breasts for this and made my rice noodles in a bowl by pouring boiling water over them. Now I have to go review your delicious beef stew – another home run. Just a bit of heat that quickly dissipates. The first time I made this recipe I followed it exactly and it was absolutely delicious. It is a delicious and easy recipe. Meanwhile, cook the rice noodles according to the package instructions. Happy New Year!!! At last step for soup (after turmeric) added 6 thai chiles sliced. I have yellow and red onion . I always like making recipes as instructed the first time around, and we do have Red Curry Paste in our home. A bit exotic, yet, simple to assemble. I love this recipe! Glad everyone liked it – hope you feel better soon! Only alteration and not ever a big one was added chicken to the soup to let it absorb some more of the flavor and also rewarm it since it was cooked earlier in day. Ingredients were easily found. The data is calculated through an online nutritional calculator, Edamam.com. I left everything else the same and just went with it, and my husband loved it. She has such a way with a recipe that just engages the senses. I always forget about frittata, that is one of my favorite too! I found all the Thai ingredients at Whole Foods. It is wonderful to have recipes that you know are foolproof!! Using rotisserie chicken made this a fast week night meal that everyone enjoyed. What can I do to lighten it up but not sacrifice flavor? Yes, Michelle, I think shrimp would work nicely here too. A definite hit and will make again! Was delicious.. don’t hesitate to try this recipe…. 13 %. Your recipes are always “no fail”! OK, Jenn you nailed it on this recipe. Hi Jane, you could try substituting the regular coconut milk with a light version and use zucchini noodles in place of the rice noodles. Add the noodles and chicken to the saucepan. I used no sodium chicken broth and regular coconut milk. It is A fantastic recipe! Easy with easy to get ingredients. I stuffed the cavity of the chicken with lemons, and garlic, so I used the roasted garlic, as well. Yum! Add the chicken broth, coconut milk, fish sauce, brown sugar, lime juice, and turmeric; bring to a gentle simmer. Loved it! to be safe. Thank you sooo much for sharing this recipe. Just delicious and my kids loved it too. I have a pack of those rice noodles in my cabinet now.