Wie groß ist die aktuelle Differenz zwischen Neu- und Bestandskunden? (See also an April 2009 update to this article –, Training & Certification by World Commerce & Contracting, https://commitmentmatters.com/2014/01/28/the-role-of-a-contract-manager-2014-update/, The Role Of A Contract Manager – Revisited, https://tcummins.wordpress.com/2008/02/24/the-shifting-role-of-contract-management/, The Role Of A Contract Manager - Revisited « Commitment Matters, AdamsDrafting » Blog Archive » Lawyer and Contract Manager: Compare and Contrast, The Core Of Contract Management: The Discipline Makes Progress « Commitment Matters, Commitment Matters Blog: 2010 in review « Commitment Matters, The Role Of A Contract Manager « Commitment Matters, The Role of a Contract Manager: 2014 update | Commitment Matters, Compliance vs. Quality: Protecting Your Supply Chain, Relational Contracts: your questions answered, Risky Business: Contracts and the loss of value. Typische Fragestellungen im Arbeitsalltag können in diesem Zusammenhang wie folgt zusammengefasst werden: Neben diesen typischen Fragestellungen stehen des Weiteren Aspekte wie bspw. Is he the corporate Contract Manager (long term staff position) or is he the Project Contract Manager (project duration only). The attorney/contracts administrator may be required to perform work reserved to those admitted to practice law. Warum Sie sich bei uns bewerben sollten? He/she is the local in house representative of the company which generally determines from the companies perspective if taskings by the client are within the contract scope of work or not. I’d like to share a few items or attributes I felt were possibly missing which I think are a very relevant, especially in the technology industry. In response to your email, and after reading this article, I would say that you’ve captured a the most important aspects of a CM role. 1. Maybe it has something to do with the relatively few number of people with their J.Ds who indeed do contract management from a company perspective, rather than from a firm or other established entity. There is a difference however. – novate and manage all existing supply contracts What I’d like to see more of if the professional recognition and development of Contractor side Contract Managers who receive little or no focus. While I am comfortable that the article with the comments thoroughly describe the functions of contract management, it lacks an overall mission statement. This position is used in many different industries, including for-profit companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies, so duties and job scope can vary. I see the role increasingly focused on defining and then managing key areas of relationship governance. ), o    Oversee Service Level Agreement Compliance. Sales must be convinced that their CM has a sense of urgency to close the deal, but at the same time internal stakeholders issues must be factored into the desired outcome of the contract negotiaton. With the understanding that the role of contract management varies, I do think the job description/language needs to convey the aspect of the contract manager as an active/pro-active forward thinking role (compare to the contract management role that is designed to be reactive to situations). 2. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! i am a francophon trade Lawyer (not very use to the common law corporation system) and I’ve never worked as a CM before. So, here are just a few, general comments (offered from a procurement role perspective): • As a general observation, the role is much more performance-driven, strategic and ‘joined-up’ in many organisations than the description appears to suggest, with very close, strategic links to e.g.