I have the same creepy crawly feeling on my scalp, not crawling under, on my scalp, & lots of itching, but I’m also losing hair soooo rapidly for the last 2yrs now. Anyways, I am a 20 yr old with a NW3 (moving into NW4 it seems (really hope not)) and I wanted to ask you all a question about itching scalp. help!! Sometimes, the conditions that cause hair loss can lead to a feeling of pressure on the scalp. Aside from causing pain and discomfort, hair loss and scalp picking could lead to a tingling sensation. I saw an endocrinologist for my hair loss … This sensation can lead to scratching, which cannot provide relief, and hair loss. I did feel crawling … Some people describe this as a numbing sensation, which can make the head feel … Sometimes, scalp dysesthesia can result from a condition that affects the bones of the spine in the … I also have pain on my scalp and lots of hair loss.I feel like crying from the pain,a nd the fact that I’m aware of it almost 24 7.I have lumps on my head and if you press on them they’re very painful.I have … Constant Crawling, Itching feeling in my Scalp + Hairloss This is my first topic on this site, so I hope you won't be too strict on how I lay this out. Crawling on scalp and hair loss! I started getting the feeling of something crawling on my scalp especially in the effected area of scalp (frontal left side)loosing hair and the rear of my head, it got worse at night time.