Dire Promise is more about consistent, constant damage. Overflow/Swashbuckler – A fun combo. I'd keep both, but the spare rations will do you better. I’ve been using Rose for the … 6 Spare Rations This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Spare Rations. Acquiring the Spare Rations hand cannon takes a bit of luck and some determination It's time for Guardians in Destiny 2 to make their way over to The It’s time for Guardians in Destiny 2 to … Austringer, Dire Promise, Waking Vigil, Sunshot (exotic), etc. Yesterday I got this roll on Dire Promise (Crossfire, … This has left users scrambling to find a replacement for their Spare Rations or Optative. Dire Promise – This hand cannon won’t last the year, but it will last the fall, and will outlive the likes of Spare Rations, at the very least. Since the sunsetting would be in effect from next season I can’t rely on my Spare Rations with which I have the most no. Dire Promise vs Spare Rations I’m looking for a good 150 for high end PvE. One of the best options, and my personal favorite primary weapon in the current meta, is the Dire Promise … Plus, you can run mindbenders with it. Today I got the Dire from a drop during a bunker clear and the Spare from a clan engram. Spare Rations has such a low drop rate and almost zero chance of god roll rate that Austringer and Waking Vigil are more realistic … View entire discussion ( 3 comments) More posts from the sharditkeepit community 86 Posted by 5 days ago PvP … Regardless, Dire Promise has an unprecedented range stat thanks to Rangefinder while maintaining the snappiness of 150s, making this a fantastic Primary weapon for any PvP mode. 6 months ago Calling a handcannon dead because a slightly better(ish) version of it is excessive. I feel like Old Fashioned is the PvP counterpart to Dire Promise … of Crucible kills. It can go a long time without reloading and feels a lot easier to nail headshots with.