I have tried it on different kinds of papers and it did not bleed through. You can choose from natural hair, felt and synthetic bristle. The caveat is that some of the colors are not as pigmented as indicated on the caps. Are you in the market for the best brush pens? It’s not very noticeable but if you want a real black hue, this might be a bit of a letdown. These brush pens can last for years. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. They are not streaky, mainly because the brush tips stay intact. The brush tips are quite flexible. The only caveat I see here is the low ink volume. You won’t regret buying these markers. There was a time when I accidentally left the cap off and the nibs and ink didn’t dry up. Some make use of real brush tips with fibers that are soft and flexible. Rather than use a separate brush and watercolor palette, go for a brush pen instead. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers 4.8 out of 5 stars 4,768. Remember to place the cap back on. These modern pens for calligraphy are a must-buy for artists. The brush tips are a bit on the medium-firm side. These pens have flexible tips, so they should be able to create different types of strokes and fonts. You can also easily find them in the art supply aisle in Home Depots and Walmart. Others come with firmer nibs. If it spreads out or goes in different directions, it’s hard to create clean strokes. Natural hair pens are usually crafted from animal hair while synthetic bristles are made from fabricated materials such as nylon. These pens have dual tips. The set helps do letterings and watercoloring with ease. Beginners can start by printing some guides. If you got the watercolor in the bottle it would be a lot more saturated. What I like about these is that the brush nibs are more forgiving. When using standard marker paper, it doesn’t bleed through. Brush pens are good for calligraphy. I love all the colors included. $58.34. They are pricier but you will get your money’s worth with their replaceable nibs and refillable ink systems. The effortless glide on paper is satisfactory and makes calligraphy so much more enjoyable. It has a beautiful consistency. I also like that it doesn’t bleed through. These markers are great for people on a budget but still need reliable brush tip markers. It’s not too thick that you will be left with clumps but not too thin either that the ink gets too runny. You can dip the pen in water to create a watercolor effect. It can be a good alternative to watercolors. Unlike dip style pens with a limited option for colors, these pens usually come with different color options. With some markers, once you water down the ink, the color will get washed down. You can buy the colored ones but the packs only come with one type of tip. This set of typography pens does just that. It’s waterproof. This is why you should look for those with uniform tips to make sure they go in the direction that you want them to go. You can give it a little shake and the ink will pour out. There are also no gaps. Make sure you clean the blending pen after using it. I can say that these pens are quite sturdy. If you put too much pressure, the caps might break. It’s one of the most value-for-your money pens because this one comes with 8 pens, all boasting of unique sizes. The color options are also superb. Indeed, these pens are juicy. Unfortunately, the ink is quite strong and tends to bleed through paper. If you want thicker strokes, you should lean it down more. I find this great for drawing and watercolor art as well. It works well as either a practice pen or a beginner pen. The nibs, no matter how durable they are, will still wear off after some time. There is no fading to deal with. The nibs can be made from real brush fibers or from a felt material that is made to look like a brush. They are worth the price. I find it easy to create thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes. The barrel is thicker than standard markers, so they are actually easier to hold. On the other hand, the ink tends to oxidize and fade after some time. They are available in book and stationery stores. Everything is pigmented and rich. On the other hand, the brush nibs are not as beginner-friendly as I hoped. The colors are all beautiful. It’s perfect for coloring your drawings, making landscaping art, and doing beautiful calligraphy. The ink, once it sets down, doesn’t budge. You risk drying the nibs and the ink if you leave it open for too long. The colors blend nicely although I find that if you use too much water, it tends to scatter. What I appreciate the most from this brand is the brush tip. Be warned though because these pens tend to dispense more ink than your average marker. One is the long brush tip that is capable of making bold strokes. The difference is that it has brush nibs. If you prefer thinner lines, you can angle it so that the edges of the tips don’t touch the paper. They are made from synthetic materials. Just give yourself more time to adjust to the use of these pens. I love the design of these pens. You should be able to angle the brush pens to your preferences without struggling. You can even lend this set to kids or give it to them as a gift. The non-toxic ink flow gushes out of the brush pen with ease. It comes complete with everything you need to learn how to do calligraphy. I prefer something more solid. The brush tip option is firm and is very pointed. As for its pen design, I like the tiny specks of glitter on it. If you are a beginner, you can start working with the hard tip first. Brush pens can be used directly on paper. They are easier to bring compared to traditional sets of calligraphy pens since you no longer need to bring bottles of pens. I was glad I purchased because these are perfect for the purpose I had in mind. The Talens Ecoline range is known for bright, brilliant colors, and Ecoline Brush Pen Markers are no exception! If you spray a bit of ink or you dip the tip in ink, it has a watercolor effect. That’s fine with me because the more you use it, the more your lettering skills are harnessed. These are dual tip pens. Go ahead and check out what else it can offer you. They are accurately depicted, so what you see is what you get. If you are on a tight budget, you won’t feel bad about buying this set. I have tried other brush pens but it is still a challenge for those brush tips to do these strokes. It doesn’t have a smell, at least none that I can easily detect. However, I do like that it sets quickly. There is no limit to what you can do with these pens. Once you have gotten used to calligraphy strokes, you can move on to the soft tip. It comes with 18 pens with all the colors you might need for drawing. They are more ideal for coloring and for drawing and not so much for calligraphy but if you are starting to build your calligraphy pen arsenal, they would be a good addition because there are a lot of good color options. You can practice different strokes with these pens which are also long-lasting andare easy to control. First, these are gorgeously-made pens. That means the ink will dry up easily and will stay there permanently. I like how they are designed. It’s very versatile and you can do many things. If you are looking for the right brush pens for drawing, this set is worth buying. It has a good consistency. If you are looking for brush lettering pens that come close to the real brush calligraphy pens, you won’t be disappointed with this set. You need to get used to the stiffness of the brush but after much practice, creating the strokes that you want is easier. Despite how thin the barrel is, it actually holds a lot of ink. Brush pens come with different kinds of nib material. I don’t find it very pigmented. A brush pen is similar to a marker or a regular pen. Brush pens are indispensable if you love coloring and you love making art. As a beginner, I find these brushes for hand lettering very easy to use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The pen is also easy to hold. All the pens are appropriately labeled. The ink lays down beautifully on paper. These brush pens are perfect if you want a watercolor effect on your art or you are looking for more blending capability. They can also be used for coloring. This product also has a good ink flow. This one remains vibrant. The pens all look elegant and the brush tips are long and uniform. This set has 8 pens with different kinds of tip sizes. Art: Art (71) Calligraphy: Calligraphy (10) Color: Color (69) Felt Tip: Felt Tip (71) Sets: Sets (11) Watercolor: Watercolor (71) Colors Set. One is a fine tip and the other is a brush tip. It has one of the smoothest inks I have ever tried. Pentel brush pen is a must-have if you are building your calligraphy collection. However, when it comes to doing calligraphy, it can be quite difficult to use if you are a beginner. They dispense a good amount of ink, so you don’t have to deal with faded ink or gaps when lettering.