NEW AS & A2 study guide to Austen’s best-loved romantic novel. You will read widely around the texts, discussing and writing about the ideas and concepts they raise. The question paper structure has changed, as have the paper titles due to the changes made to the assessment model. About this talk. Can I study an A-Level in English Literature in one year? The updated syllabus is for examination in June and November 2021, 2022 and 2023. Many of the skills developed through studying this subject are related to independent thinking — the ability to analyse sophisticated ideas and the ways in which they are presented, to synthesise large and complex text, and to know how to build a convincing argument are just a few. This allows students to gain a good knowledge and understanding of Literature in all forms. Lessons are varied and use a range of media. During the course, we aim to provide a wide variety of extension activities, including theatre trips, lecture and study days, visiting speakers, museum visits and theatre workshops. NEW York Notes for A Level: The Great Gatsby – for the new curriculum. Following the review, we have made some changes to Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English for examination in 2021, 2022 and 2023. This authorization specifically permits the sharing of information in both directions between Kings and my chosen host college, and from those parties to any person named below, who is directly responsible for my recruitment or continued participation in the On Campus Plus Program at my chosen host college/university. Talk Topics covered by this talk. I hereby apply for the, The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019. Starts September 2021 Course Type Full Time Duration Two Years You Need 1 Requirements needed View Apply Now. Instead of reading long test or flipping through boring revision guides, you can now learn with instant feedback, gifs, animations and videos. Indeed, English Literature students go on to study for all kinds of degrees, including the Sciences, Law, Business and Journalism. You can use the site without accepting cookies but you will get this message on each page for 10 seconds. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in my application justifies a denial or cancellation of admission. Prepare for your teaching year. English Literature is ideal for students who want to develop their critical and analytical skills while understanding literary texts in all their complexity. English Literature covers a wide-range of topics from Chaucer to present-day authors, including works in English from writers outside the UK. NEW AS & A2 study guide to Shelley’s classic Gothic novel of man and monster. NEW York Notes for A Level: A Streetcar Named Desire – for the new curriculum. In this component we also compare the contexts in which the two texts were written. The rubrics in all of the question papers have changed. Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English (Cambridge University Press). There are always opportunities to share and discuss ideas, as well as to develop your own thinking through independent writing tasks. We look in detail at Shakespeare’s text, and consider how the play has been interpreted in performance, as well as the different critical approaches over time. A-Level English Literature is a good accompaniment to a wide range of arts and humanities A-Level subjects including History, French and Religious Studies and can also add breadth as a third subject alongside the social sciences. Please enable JavaScript, There are no planned changes to AS and A-level English Literature A for 2021 following Ofqual’s consultation. Please state your country of main education. Sign up to our newsletter for news and offers: We need your first name to identify you and communicate with you. Find out more about degrees related to Humanities, including English Literature, that Kings alumni have progressed to study. Get English Literature AS and A Level Notes here at my new website. As well as exploring our texts in detail, we focus on refining your writing skills and critical faculties. In their second year, students will also explore more modern texts engaging in a range of theoretical ideas that go beyond the established genres: either crime writing, or political and social protest writing. The re-creative piece will be accompanied by a commentary.). You will study works of literature from around the world, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and genres from tragedy and comedy to crime writing and political protest writing. Do you have any Special Educational needs? Developing your own formal written communication style is a key skill for further studies and communication in a career: a skill that is highly valued by employers but can be overlooked in the modern world.