All Console. The statistics displayed here are based on all players that have logged in over the past 2 weeks. By scouring the global Destiny population using the Bungie API, we are able to see which perks a wide variety of players select for each weapon. 3rd slot - Backup plan. A: Perk suggestions come from u/Mercules904, u/pandapaxxy, and At the same time, most people are probably dismantling rolls that they think are bad, so even if we could see their whole inventory, we might not catch many "dud" rolls. A: These are the possible stats that upgrading your weapon will grant a bonus to. Depending on what tier you are at, you can grant anywhere from 1-10 additional points in any of the stats listed to your weapon. A: Upgrading your weapons, in broad terms, takes a small amount of glimmer, legendary shards, and, most importantly, Enhancement Cores. A: The bars for each percentage are relative to the most popular perk in that column. get yourself an Erentil today. Should I MW it? You can read the explanation directly from Bungie here. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights. There's no denying that this fusion rifle is one of the best fusions out there alongside Jotuun and a few others. A: Yes and no. 30 comments. PvP Console. After that, weapons and armor will essentially be sunset 1 year after their release. promo code FALLOUT at checkout for an additional 10% off!KontrolFreek: promo code FALLOUT at checkout for an additional 10% off!GamerSupps: promo code FALLOUT at checkout for an additional 10% off! Firmly Planted and Backup Plan perks and Range Masterwork will grant you the great range and stability to turn fusion rifle into a sniper one. However, it is possible that Bungie has additional logic behind the scenes that further filters these will likely trend toward being more popular, otherwise people wouldn't keep the roll, let alone equip it. snipes at 30+ meters. hide. The more people that allow full access to their inventory, the more weapons we'll be able to detect, and the more comprehensive the statistics that fall out of that will be. Impulse MS3 / Accelerated Coils / Firmly Planted / Quickdraw / Stability masterwork, and I can regularly land 20-22m OHKOs as long as I pre-charge correctly. Let's look at the ideal, GOD ROLL Erentil fusion rifle!★ SUB UP and join the FalloutFam: ★★ SWEET MERCH ★TeeSpring! Bliss @ 2/3/2019 Grossly underrated like all other fusions! each item, take what you see here with a pinch of salt. Some options are unusual but with reason (Signal highlights, 3-ChargeMW + LC = OP). 98. And if you get one with Backup Plan... oh boy. We're calling this process "sunsetting". What is considered a "God Roll" Erentil Fr4? At Tier 10, your multi-kills will generate orbs of light. 0 A: Bungie has announced that beginning in Season 12, weapons will have a cap on the power to which you are able to infuse them. This thing is absolutely nuts. A: Yes. The god roll for PvP would be jolt, flash or torch sight, Liquid Coils (more impact, more charge time), under pressure and high impact rounds, with a range masterwork, and targeting adjuster mod. share. u/HavocsCall, with contributions from @chrisfried, and @sundevour. The masterwork system is a way for you to upgrade your favorite weapons to their maximum potential. Average in PVE as there are other fusions with more suitable perks, but it still hits hard and is fun to use. Those stats are presented as the Community Average Roll. Sometimes, that fixed version of the item will drop fully masterworked The process will compute stats on items seen in the vault / inventory of players who have granted access to their "non-equipped Inventory". #Rewards #destiny2. In most open world activities and standard Crucible playlists, you will still be able to use whatever armor/weapons you want. This obviously isn't accurate, as Blast Radius isn't applicable to, say, Auto Rifles. In Gambit it melts blockers and majors in pve. Slap a major, minor, taken spec on it for pve and icurus, counterbalance stock or target adjuster for pvp. 1. With my roll I am able to map people at sniper range. Under Pressure. You constantly catch people off guard. Sign in with your Bungie account to unlock all features! Other times, those perks are just for display, such as when you preview an item from your collection. Firmly Planted seems to be the key. 1st slot - Particle repeater, Accelerated coils. A: Partially. It’ll turn into a laser. A: The colors denote which type of activity the perk is recommended for: Blue = PVE, Red = PVP, Gold = Either. A: The usage stats are based only on randomly-rolled, legendary weapons. In PvP it roasts those Shotty Apes. Grossly underrated like all other fusions! A: Ranks range from F- to S+, based on how "far" your roll is from the community average roll. Depending on what Tier your weapon is at, the requirements to raise it to the next tier increase the closer the weapon is to being fully masterworked (Tier 10). hide. Every player should be seen by our scraper. The Erentil FR4 is the best Fusion Rifle in the game. both are ridiculous. The most popular perk will fill its bar, and each perk under that will illustrate how popular it is relative to the most popular. I do advise to anyone who is interested in getting a great roll, do go for perks such as threat detector, tap the trigger, hip-fire grip for controlled spray with each burst. This thing pretty much carried me to Fabled in Comp. Post a Poll. Close. Beyond that, at Tier 5 you gain access to a kill tracker. I use it for pve and pop. Backup plan + auto loading holster make the weapon a really solid pvp and pve option. A: As part of this feature, we are now tracking all active players using the Bungie API, not just those who have signed in on save. Best Fusion Rifle: the Erentil GOD ROLL (Destiny 2) - YouTube This change essentially only matters in activities where power matters, such as raids, Nightfalls, Trials, etc. 1. However, the default permissions only allow us to see the full details on weapons that are equipped by each player's characters. With the newest fusion update figured I'd try using a fusion rifle again. Until Bungie modifies the API files to 100% accurately display which masterwork stats are possible on Beyond that, gear from the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation raids will play by different rules than standard armor and weapons, though Bungie has not been fully clear on what those rules will be. Question Post. I don't use fusion rifles alot. Bungie has stated that exotics will not sunset. A: This item is capable of rolling with random perks when it drops. This gun is too strong literally carry's braindead people because they can just shoot you once in your super and your dead Fusion rifles in the season of opulence are too strong in general. Backup Plan. A god roll Erentil FR4 can practically snipe players across a map. I got mine to roll with projection fuse/enhanced battery, handling mw, under pressure and high impact reserves and this can 1 shot guardians from a good distance. 39 comments. A: Each tier that you increase your weapon will grant a small buff to a single stat, chosen randomly when the item drops. A roll with the least popular perk in each column should be ranked F-, and a roll with the most popular perk in each column should be ranked S+. Selbst die Falkner mit god-roll: Outlaw, Rampage, Accu Rounds und small bore – Stats wie ne Ace, aber sagt mir irgendwie nicht zu. A: Each weapon has its own recommendations independent of whether the perk is preferred on any other weapon. Erentil FR4 is one of the best possible Fusion Rifles for PvP and Gambit. Also, what mod would you recommend?