The right of either party to terminate this Service Contract, as herein provided, shall not be affected in any way by its waiver of, or failure to take action with respect to, any previous default. Sample Flat-Fee Agreement. A lot of the time, there will be a savings clause, which is an incentive for the contractor to save as much money as possible on the job. not constitute a “Transaction” for purposes of this Agreement and, no Success Fee shall be payable with respect thereto, except as otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. It is important to have this type of contract for numerous reasons. Other direct costs such as [DESCRIPTION OF OTHER DIRECT COSTS] are not included in the fixed price and will be invoiced at actual cost plus administrative burden. Notices to be given by either party under this Agreement shall be sent by certified mail, express overnight delivery, or telecopy to the attention of the other party at the addresses of the parties as first set forth above. How Do Cost and Fee Contracts Protect Contractors? A. Governing Law:New York, Parties: TELOS CORP | ENLIGHTENMENT CAPITAL SOLUTIONS FUND II, LP | TELOS CORPORATION | TELOWORKS, INC | UBIQUITYCOM, INC | XACTA CORPORATION d. This Finder’s Fee Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes and cancels all previous negotiations, agreements or commitments by the parties whether oral or written. A cost-plus-fixed-fee contract is a cost-reimbursement contract that provides for payment to the contractor of a negotiated fee that is fixed at the inception of the contract. If the scope of the job should change, there may be provisions that allow for adjustments to be made to this fee. c. SEVERABILITY AND ASSIGNMENT. A cost plus fixed fee contract is a specific contract type that offers a set incentive for the contractor upon the job completion. 538 sample contract templates you can view, download and print for free . This amount is agreed upon before the project takes place and is not paid out until the project has been completed. This type of contract guarantees the contractor will receive a reimbursement for the expenses as well as a predetermined fee. Contractor specifically does not warrant the accuracy of any technical or subject matter content of the courseware or software that is based upon information or direction provided by Customer. terms and conditions. The incentive fee, however, can be specifically negotiated between the client and the contractor. This contract type permits contracting for efforts that might otherwise present too great a risk to contractors, but it provides the contractor only a minimum incentive to control costs. Document Date: 5/3/2019, Parties: FS INVESTMENT CORP II | CITIBANK, NA | FS INVESTMENT CORPORATION | Omnibus Sixth Amendment Cooper River LLC | VIRTUS GROUP, LP Customer reserves the right to terminate a Project in whole or in part, upon [NUMBER] days written notice to Contractor. Apply a document theme that matches your company brand. All of the foregoing shall be deemed to be work made for hire, except as hereafter specified, and belong to Customer, with Customer having the sole right to obtain, hold, and renew, in its own name or for its own benefit, patents, copyrights, registrations, or other appropriate protection. A fixed incentive fee upon job completion; Contracts of this nature help to: Make sure contractors are undertaking profitable jobs. In the event of termination of a Project as described above, Contractor shall be entitled to compensation as follows: a. If any invoice is not paid when due, Contractor may suspend provision of Services and/or Deliverables without liability or penalty until final resolution of the matter. Governing Law:New York, Parties: CUENTAS INC. | Cuentas Inc | VOIP CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL I LIMECOM INC Contractor shall not undertake further work, incur additional expenses, or enter into further commitments with regard to the Project after receiving such notice of termination from Customer, except as mutually agreed upon by the parties.