But you're not doing it in such an obvious way that would make people get their defenses up. "Frak" is a potent profanity in the language of the Twelve Colonies. Their civilization was very very similar to our own. Then they show the robots we're doing right now. So be careful. So you can almost argue why not just shoot it into the sun and get us off the technology kick a little earlier. It seems more to me like their civilization just got lucky, and had a very good practical spaceflight breakthrough that we haven't had yet. But it's equally possible that Six and Baltar had a child, and that girl became mitochondrial Eve. They never explained that, never went into any detail about it. She came back as an angel. A campaign in the United Kingdom aimed at banning hydraulic fracturing, the controversial method of shale gas extraction commonly known as fracking, have organised themselves under the name Frack Off. No TV caps here! But Baltar says in that last scene that mitochondrial Eve had a human father and Cylon mother. Lisa is a Wired Science contributor based loosely in Seattle, Washington. Wired.com: What science facts in our own world are approaching the stuff that is presented as science fiction in Battlestar? They never explain how it happens, it's just spin up the drives and whoosh -- off you go. The whole story, the events of the TV show Battlestar Galactica, all took place approximately 150,000 years ago. "Does anybody else think that this plan is frakking nuts?" Wired.com: One thing I was still wondering is, what happened to Kara, when she died and came back? Di Justo: That's what we're seeing, yeah. Then this show came along, which paralleled or mirrored that. If there's anything that is still unanswered, it's not that we didn't try. They couldn't build new spaceships, they couldn't rebuild an FTL drive from scratch. Who knows? Di Justo: At the very beginning, in the miniseries, where Commander Adama says that the radiation on Ragnar is affecting the Cylon's silica pathways to the brain: For myself, I was thinking of dark silicon, like the stuff a CPU is made out of. Wired.com: What kind of messages or cautionary tales do we get from the treatment of these questions in Battlestar? Wired.com: Is there anything that is still left as a mystery? We always knew that. So probably yes. That's essentially it. A ragtag bunch of people, barely able to hold their technological civilization together, it's not too much to expect that they would not be able to keep that level of technology for 150,000 years. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. The term can also be used to express agreement: This profanity's real-world derivation can be found in, The Re-Imagined Series uses the word much more directly as a substitute for the word "fuck" than the Original Series ever did, including using it in terms like "motherfraker" and "clusterfrak", and even using it in its sexual connotation (for example, in the episode ". We were still scared from the Sept. 11 attacks. Battlestar Galactica Frak Me Juniors Black T-Shirt. frak-that.com is © banshee & Nadia. Wired.com: So it's not necessarily Sharon and Helo's baby. [1] It occurs as an expletive and in expressions such as "fraks things up good" and "frakking toasters"[2], "Frak!" Di Justo: Just a couple of months ago, Craig Venter announced that he had basically created a genome and created living cells out of a manufactured genome. We ask that you do not direct link to these images or claim them as your own. Wired.com: So that was an out-of-world mistake, not something weird within the world of Battlestar. These kids are actually reprogramming bacteria to do things that bacteria never had evolved to do, simply by inserting standardized segments of DNA. DiJusto: Very basically, how could Cylons pass medical tests? It was just accepted that Cylons could be so wonderfully indistinguishable that it would take a demented genius like Gaius Baltar to build a special type of machine that could differentiate the two. But we got a really strong clue that Colonials are one type of people, Cylons are another type of people, and we humans really do seem to be halfway between both of them. It is a bowdlerized version of the real-life expletive "fuck", and can be used in the same ways: From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide, https://www.battlestarwiki.org/index.php?title=Frak&oldid=226237. Battlestar Galactica Viper Nugget Juniors T-Shirt. It's blamed on the conflation of two very different terms. If there's a question that remains unanswered, we really did, we went around and asked people on various BSG fact forums, friends, people who work on the show, people who watch the show. "Frak" is a potent profanity in the language of the Twelve Colonies. That's the only official mistake. Doctor Cottle explains that the Colonials are immune to this disease. When D'Anna was doing her documentary, they had portable TV cameras that looked just like ours, and cell phones that looked just like ours. "Frack" appears only seventeen times in the Original Series. Di Justo: They shot it into the sun, remember? [Editor's note: In a press conference at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, executive producer Ronald Moore said that this story was a myth.