Kielbasa is a classic sausage loved by everyone. However, fresh Kielbasa is boiled before eating, and it is necessary to know different cooking techniques about the Kielbasa. This recipe for fresh kielbasa and roasted brussels sprouts is a favorite of ours. Each December all the men in my family get together and make about 100 pounds of fresh kielbasa from scratch. However, if cooked right, it is one of the best and most tasty non-vegetarian foods you will eat. Here’s a very simple recipe for a 5 pound batch of Polish kielbasa sausage—which is enough for 2 or 3 good dinners—so make a up a batch, use what you need, and pop the rest into the freezer for a great meal at the ready some busy weeknight down the road. Save Saved Removed 0. There are different ways to cook Kielbasa, but it needs a little extra care to cook because a little mistake can ruin it. You can enjoy Kielbasa in your soups, fried with pasta, grilled with pierogies, or roasted with potatoes and a lot more. Erika Barajas April 5, 2020 no comments. Cooking Kielbasa . Polish Kielbasa Sausage Ingredients. How to Cook Fresh Kielbasa? They spend the whole evening prepping the ingredients, cutting and grinding the meat, and casing the sausages. 5 pounds of ground pork (you want about 20% fat here). If your butcher will grind for you, … It is easy to cook and pure delight in different recipes.