(You must log in or sign up to reply here. And don't be surprised if you pick up a different Tele and prefer a different saddle material with that particular Tele. I thought that the bridge sat on top of the saddle, not the other way around? You Won’t Play in Tune If It Isn’t Set Correctly. This is the body-end termination point for your strings’ speaking length, and their vibration needs to pass through the bridge to get into the tonewood in the body. So, why an uncompensated saddle? For obvious reasons, they’re far more expensive than the other options as they’re harder to source, but they do produce a more mellow sound than bone. This is also where string height is set, so it’s critical to any proper setup in several ways. I strongly believe that a guitar needs several days to settle after loosening the strings or whatever they did when changing the setup. The high B string is often the one to get most compensation, as it’s quite a thick plain-steel string and needs a bit more length compared to its neighbors. Electric guitar saddles are a bit different from their acoustic counterparts. Essential Plucking Patterns for Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar, All-Star Peter Green Tribute Concert Film to Be Released in 2021, One of Chuck Berry's 1967 Gibson ES-345s is Headed to Auction. Here’s an example of one on a Fender Strat. Antique Acoustics and Waverly solid pins are plastic, but in my opinion preferable to just about anything else on the market. 5. Post Aug 12, 2019 #9 2019-08-12T17:00. You Won’t Play in Tune If It Isn’t Set Correctly. It’s known for its bright, crisp sound. However, when it comes to acoustic guitars it’s not the bridge that matters all to much, it’s the saddle which sits right in front of the bridge. The saddle is one of two places on the guitar where the strings come into direct contact (the other being the nut at the headstock end of the guitar). An acoustic guitar bridge is a relatively simple device which is made out of different types of wood which all have different acoustic properties. We’ve all seen this type of saddle. I have vintage on my Roadhouse and I had them on my EJ one stripped out and all guitar center had to replace them was the allparts kind. As with nut materials, the material the saddle is made from has an impact on the tone of the guitar. Take a look at the picture below and notice how there’s a slight elevation molded into the right-hand side of the crown (the treble side). Many fans of these guitars will tell you such an alteration robs the instruments of some of their distinctive sonic character. The modern saddles may have an advantage in keeping the strings from moving, but I've never had a problem with this on the bent saddles, so that may be a toss up as well. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Receive news and offers from our other brands? ). Best Online Guitar Lessons in 2020 – Reviewed & Ranked, Fender Serial Number Lookup – Find When & Where Your Guitar Was Made, Why are Some Guitar Pickups Angled? For example, when you play an open D string and play the D note on the D string at the 12th fret, the notes should be the same. Which is to say, solidity is important. I can state with a fair degree of confidence that, from the analytic viewpoint, that test is a load of rubbish with more holes than a decent Swiss cheese. This is because the springs in the vibrato unit offer a little “give” when you push the strings, and the added string length behind the bridge saddles contributes to this feel, too. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. The material the saddle is made from is often overlooked as a contributing factor to the sound of a guitar. Guitars with three-saddle Tele-style bridges, wrap-over bridges, and singlesaddle floating bridges offer less and lesser abilities to fine-tune intonation, but Tuneo- matic bridges and Strat-style vibrato units and their derivatives provide excellent facilities for precise adjustment. The plastic pins seemed a little weaker to me but maybe that is because I don't like plastics. Choose the one you like best with the Tele you're playing. It comes into direct contact with your strings, and as we’ll see in this article. Classical guitar saddles have never been compensated, and it’s sort of stuck! For example, in this case the differences in how he played the harmonics is readily noticed. Bridges and bridge saddles made from different materials resonate differently, and therefore make your guitar sound different. I don't see any difference between "testing" pins and saddles and strings. Get the latest news, reviews and product advice straight to your inbox. There is a third option for any archtop guitar with a floating bridge: have a bone saddle made for your wooden bridge (or have a new bridge made with a bone saddle). Lightly Coupled Set-Ups Can Be Useful in the Tone Equation. Non-fossilized ivory from elephant tusks is illegal. Fossilized ivory is from animals that died naturally a long time ago (millions of years ago). It will give you a bit more acoustic volume and a slightly brighter tone. 2. hey folks - just curious, what's the difference with the moden type saddles with vintage? Therefore, the quality of the body’s resonance is going to be in great part determined by the composition and quality of the bridge (and tailpiece, if they are separate units). Ditto any experiment that relies for its results on the subjective impressions of self-selected observers listening to their computer's speakers (unless it's an experiment to test the computer speaker variable). When it comes to acoustic guitars, there are two main types used: a straight (or ‘uncompensated’) saddle and what’s known as a compensated guitar saddle. They are mostly integrated into a metal bridge with dedicated (per string) height and length adjustment controls. Registered Member. Of course, many folks on these lists would say that it's invalid if there is not a player in the loop, so we're never going to agree. For years, guitar makers have made saddles out of plastic. Never mind. I would be hard pressed to tell which was which if I was blindfolded. Having a unique control for each string gives you far greater control, so you can easily make front and back position tweaks (to help with intonation) as well as up and down alterations (to help with action) for each string independently. Although the tension required to bring strings of the same gauge up to pitch is the same, those strung on a Strat-style vibrato or a Bigsby unit will have a slightly looser, spongier feel and be easier to bend than strings on a wrap-over or Tele bridge or similar. The Main Reasons Explained, How Many Frets on a Guitar? And YET.....  people swear up and down they hear big differences in strings. On the flat top guitar, the bridge is the big wooden (usually ebony or rosewood) part that holds the strings via holes in back side, or with bridge pins. If your guitar is mellow and warm sounding to begin with, brass saddles may sound dull or muddy, and steel saddles will brighten and clarify the sound. By removing a bit of material from the underside of the saddle, you can drastically change the action, and consequently the playability of the guitar. Not good! Once you pass the open string, the nut doesn’t have any impact on the tone, whereas the saddle is still at the other end of the strings. As you heard from Andy Powers in the video above, different nut materials change the sound of the guitar, but not nearly as much as the material of the saddle. It’s a straight saddle that doesn’t have any grooves and is flat across the crown (the crown is the point on the top of the saddle where it touches the strings). Lets talk about metal parts... We all know that brass was a big deal back in the 80's for bridges, for "sustain" Everybody was selling something with brass in it. That tells the story for me. I prefer the old bent steel saddles because I like to have my hands scratched against the little screws, Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum. I’m going to set this guitar up with a new ABR-1 style bridge, which is more appropriate to a 1971 Les Paul than the Nashville style bridge.. Before putting the bridge on the guitar, I rough-in the saddle positions so their intonation points are close to where they belong. Just the fact that there's a player in the loop makes it invalid. The compensated saddle is quite different and can easily go unnoticed. It comes into direct contact with your strings, and as we’ll see in this article, affects action, intonation, and even the tone of your acoustic guitar. Next time you pick up your guitar or go shopping for a new one (lucky you! First, nylon strings hold intonation better than steel, so they don’t require the compensation on the higher strings. Strat-Talk.com is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.