If Oblivion ends up to be stronger than LT then LT really needs to prove himself because then the list would consist of: Oblivion, HOTU Thanos, God Doom, Lucifer Morningstar, Michael Demiurgos, WF Mr Mxyzptlk, WF Bat Mite, PR Beyonder, PR Molecule Man, Fulcrum, The Beyonders ... of course these are all arguable but you get my point. And Beyonder was said to be only infinitely-dimensional. @beyondthestomper: As @nwgzsjuwhm96y2 said, Oblivion is nothingness and beyond existence. You are really ignorant enough to belief that LT is beyond PR Beyonder?? @beyondthestomper: And no, he was never stated to be second only to TOAA. Thus, Oblivion stomps no difficulty. Not sure how to take ideas like "Oblivion is nothingness and hence superior to LT because, erm, I say so" as a credible argument from someone who understand these characters in question O_O. Oblivion stomps. @mr-luxcipher: Even classic LT can't take this one. Obviously Obvilion, as any other abstract is subject to LT's authority as inferior to him. As LT is the embodiment of order basically, all must abide by him as his word is final. Read at your own risk. Avatars and abstracts are different... Before acting like Mr. Know It All, at least learn the basics of cosmic beings. So that has nothing whatsoever to do with power. save hide report. Wow, not sure why you have to lead off with that comment. Sort by. Canonically speaking Obvilion = Infinity , we have actually seen them fight, in Obvilion's realm no less and they have themselves agreed to be equal, alongside being equal to Eternity. You are beyond loneliness. Created, and is thus immune to, the Infinity Stones. Heart of the Universe/Infinity is NOT a character. You should add the supreme kai since they have a lot of unique abilities too. Professor Xavier said "To the Beyonder, even, Molecule Man (Pre-Retcon; He has a box literally with the entire, First Firmament (It’s powerful enough to cage everything. Aren't these type of battles supposed to be against forum rules? No questions. Nope.It's just a plain and simple mismatch. Return now to non-being... Feel the consciousness draining from you. Link for proof: https://static1.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11130/111302904/5815812-4044943104-latest), Living Tribunal (The abstract, cosmic embodiment of multiversal law and order, and the collective manifestation of all existence, alongside all lesser abstract entities. A 2006 bio will not mention a character that was not created in 2006. I transcend form -- and shape and substance. Round 2: Zeno+gods of destructions vs One above all. @phoenixthebird: beyonder is the one who is beyond. I made it clear that Oblivion is more powerful than him but not higher in the cosmic hierarchy. Unless you have any solid scans or feats that prove PR Beyonder to be above existence, my point stands. For example, that’d be like saying Zeno from DBS is omnipotent because his name is the Omni-King. It shackled all that we know to exist for some nefarious purpose, and it’s been stated numerous times to be above Multi-Eternity and classic LT. Within such a beyond dimensional "space", a dimensional structure with any number of dimensions can be placed, because there are no restrictions regarding dimensions. My true form is beyond that which you see. Depends on version. LT stomps. Also, sorry for being an arrogant jack off lol, just tired of all these people underestimating Oblivion. I am not surprised that a 2006 story did not refer to a character that did not exist in 2006. He rarely helps the heroes or interferes with anything, except he brought back the Earth once when it was destroyed. Round 4: Zeno vs Squirrel Girl. I was. Now It depends really. This is due to them explicitly being referred to as manifestations of the Marvel multiverse, which is a construct of space and time, whereas Oblivion is quite beyond such limitations, according to his original definition. Beyonder, the entity as we know was killed in Secret Wars 2, and with his death a new universe/multiverse was created beyond marvel multiverse. Beyondthestomper. The shockwave caused by the creation of his thought wins him all rounds. Oblivion is all that -- and more. That's always how it seem to have worked. Now you’re just making up claims based upon your own assumptions. Between heaven and hell. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! To conclude, classic Living Tribunal is an infinite-dimensional high hyperversal being and Oblivion is an outerversal being beyond dimensions. Because they were written later means they can't be better than the LT at the time? @phoenixthebird: BTW, I cant help but feel like you were the author of the post as well and were just trying to set up this rant. In that same scan, it says Oblivion is "subject to the LT's authority." While entities such as Eternity, Infinity, Death and even The Living Tribunal are connected to creation and personify concepts essential for existence (Such as Time, Space, Death, or Order), Oblivion "exists" entirely beyond it, being outside and beyond form, shape, space, and time. Trust me bud, and until you have scans, it ain’t true. @claymore1998: @claymore1998: “And isn't you post merely your idea backed by nothing? @claymore1998: Not once was PR Beyonder stated to be second only to TOAA. He is the servant of TOAA and is a high hyperversal being. Also, those were not Oblivion and Infinity, they were avatars. (Oh and HOTU Thanos "existed" in 2003 I believe. 67% Upvoted. A 2006 bio/story will obviously not make reference to character that no longer exist in 2006. (Cuz there are none.) Oblivion resides beyond the multiverse and all the abstract personifications that make up its totality. I appreciate being frustrated and just frickin owning it! Now this is just becoming idiotic.... @claymore1998: That's referring to hierarchy. This "space" in which there is no dimension can be the background for any dimensional space. Who will win in a fight between The One-Above-All & Zeno Sama and Rick Sanchez? Which means they were not fighting. I'm genuinely curious about this because I only know about one above all from the wiki and reading things, but never any of the comics involving him. Unless you think the LT is above the Beyonder and Molecule Man? The character of The One Above All was not introduced in comic book at the point of Secret Wars 1 and 2. Follow 111. @claymore1998: It literally says in the scan that they are too abstract to contend with each other. Living Tribunal is just a league above them, having recreated a destroyed eternity with a simple gesture, to holding 2 eternities in each of his hand deciding whether to wipe out either of them. Beyonders as a race, together are more powerful than Living Tribunal. Oblivion is nothingness. It clearly says Living tribunal ONLY SUPERIOR is One Above all. @claymore1998: Oblivion is simply indestructible. as regarding LT, you really must have difficulty comprehending this.. But this is not about them, we are discussing Living Tribunal vs Obvilion. He rarely helps the heroes or interferes with anything, except he brought back the Earth once when it was destroyed. The former has total omnipotence while Zeno has multi-universal destruction so its a wash. Not sure about how the latter stacks up. @phoenixthebird: switch around beyonder and oblivion then your list would be perfect:). This is due to them explicitly being referred to as manifestations of the Marvel multiverse, which is a construct of space and time, whereas Oblivion is quite beyond such limitations, according to his original definition. And as I said, this goes back to the main arguement I made which I suppose you’ve yet to read (so please read it), Oblivion is the embodiment of nonexistence and “exists” outside and beyond all concepts of existence including dimensions. I wait. Has Oblivion received an amp of late? Not power. The One-Above-All vs Over Monitor # The official Marvel Handbook states that Oblivion quite literally embodies non-existence.