They are also ideal for storing cartons of milk for tea and coffee made on the premises. Quick Tips to Using your Fridge. The door can even be locked if its for a private office space. You don’t have to worry about your flat mates putting fermented tofu anymore. 7 Days Freshness | Prime Fresh Freezing – Fridge. It might be interesting to see how beneficial a fridge of this kind could be in terms of how efficient your workforce is, if you’re considering getting one. Solid door hotel mini bar fridges lend themselves perfectly to the theme of discretion, blending in comfortably with a room’s surroundings. Because of its technically smaller size, mini bar fridges can make your drinks cold faster than the usual refrigerators because the cold temperature is circulating in a small area. Made from stainless steel, this bar fridge works best in sheltered area but can till handle the high temperatures of summer. The iceQ mini bars are among the more popular ones to be purchased for this reason. This mini bar fridge can store 46 to 48 liters of food and drinks without you worrying about your electricity bill because this mini bar fridge is fairly good at using energy (two ticks on energy efficiency rating). It has a built-in horizontal handle for accessibility. Store your groceries conveniently with the PowerPac 2-Door Mini Bar Fridge. 00 (save 16%) Member's Points 334. A credenza is basically a cabinet that has a large spacious interior. Before purchasing one, make sure that it would perfectly fit on that small corner that you want to place it. With its storage capacity, you have 2 liters of bottle rack and a separate chiller compartment for your ice cubes. You can call us the crazy freaks when comes to shopping in Singapore. 3.9. Buy the best bar fridges and wine coolers online or in store from The Good Guys. /my/consumer/where-to-buy.html?L1=0100&L2=0102, 2020 By Novatise Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Although it serves the purpose of it being small that you could fit it anywhere without any hassle, this mini bar fridge has a 2-door compartment where the other one serves as a freezer, and you heard it right! You’ll surely feel nostalgic every time you open the doors of this refrigerator. The Husky 307L Triple Door Alfresco Bar Fridge has been built to ensure high quality and that you can sit in the comfort of your outdoor area with refreshments close at hand. If you’re into having a mini bar fridge right in your bedroom because getting up for drinks to the kitchen at wee hours of the night is a tedious thing to do. Here’s the Farfalla Mini Bar Fridge to help you out! as we know, Singaporean homes are getting smaller and smaller, so compact is key. On the other hand, if you want to see what’s inside the fridge without constantly having to open the door, iceQ offer a similar version of this mini bar with a glass door. The iceQ 49L glass door fridge comes with two removable shelves and no ice box to allow for more items to be displayed inside. A credenza is basically a cabinet that has a large spacious interior. FREE DELIVERY You will only be spending $57 for every 212 kWh. However, if you want to keep it tucked away out of sight, and yet have easy access whenever required, consider installing a credenza cabinet somewhere in your office. 10. Plus, it’s only 53 cm so that you can fit it almost anywhere in your homes. By looking through the various options available to you, you can determine which fridges will make the most sense for you. No more food wastage! Board meetings can be dull and everyone’s attention can wander after a while. A great deal right in front of you, so get it! If you want to provide a one-stop location for cold drinks in your office or boardroom, a credenza complete with an appropriate mini bar could be the ideal solution. Often the regular refrigerator could not store that additional grocery your mother bought for the holidays or while throwing a party. It also has a mechanical temperature control with an adjustable thermostat if you want to be very flexible about the temperature inside. In these situations, the need for a fridge may still be there, but you don’t want its presence to be noticeable or overstated. Be sure to get the interior measurements of the credenza you are considering, so you can be certain your chosen fridge will fit comfortably. (This article has been updated to include the latest deals and promotions.). Stopping for a convenient break to hand out some cold drinks could help everyone maintain their attention span. This can come in very useful in the warmer months. You need to opt in cookie policy if you want to add to cart. Features & Benefits Of Our Mini Bar Fridges. Learn more about features and technologies. You can read more about Shipping at Your first thought when the words ‘mini bar’ crop up is probably the type of mini bar you would get in a hotel room. It also has an adjustable leg, and it has got two checks for energy efficiency. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We are a bunch of shopaholics aiming to cover  extensive reviews of products available online. How can a small appliance give you lots of conveniences? Professionalism is paramount here, so while you may want a fridge handy, you wouldn’t necessarily want it to be visible all the time. Now that you have a list of the best mini bar fridges, it’s time to stock up on drinks, iced coffees, ice cream, and almost everything that you would need to survive your next four years in college! In some situations, you may not mind your mini bar fridge being on show. This fridge is perfect for small apartments and condos because it’s small but has a total gross volume of 92 liters! Give more room to your drinks and snacks with the Midea Mini Bar Fridge with a whopping 50-liter capacity! A good example of this type of mini bar fridge comes from the reliable iceQ range. Buy online now! To give you a tour, you will have 128 liters of storage capacity, glass shelves, vegetable crisper, and a freezer! ... 50L Mini Bar Fridge NR-AE51SHMY. The iceQ 48 litre fridge comes with a removable internal shelf which can be removed to ensure you can fit in as many drinks as you need to. Since we’re talking about space-saving and stuff, a mini-fridge bar would fit perfectly well with your new place!