Naturally, larger pieces of furniture, white glove services, and other factors can increase the cost. Check all the details of your new place. Just don’t leave it until the last minute to ask them. Broken mirrors are bad luck, so you don’t want to be sending one to your new home! Grab a pen and paper and list all the items of furniture in your house. Choose your packing materials. Well, you should think about furniture too. So, how much does it cost to ship furniture internationally? Here's what you need to know about shipping furniture and some tips to guide you through the process. For a full rundown on how to move your pet abroad and the costs involved, visit our guide to, APAC (Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific), A Guide to Moving Furniture Abroad in 2020, A Guide to International Moving Costs 2020. If you’re bringing any cabinets or chests of drawers, you may as well make full use of them. If you work from home (and your work involves a desk) then a quality desk chair is a big priority. That way, if anything gets bumped in transit then you can prove it and claim on insurance (if you have it). You need to check the condition of each item and take photographs of any existing wear and tear. Furniture movers sometimes combine several shipments which can lead to a cheaper rate. He currently lives in London with no pets. Sofas, mirrors, tables – we’ve got you covered. If it is an irreplaceable item (an antique, a family heirloom, etc.) This should be pretty easy to unscrew but it may take a bit of elbow grease. Just shrink-wrap them so their contents stays in place. If you’re bringing your sofa, the first thing you need to do is try to remove its legs if possible. A layer of ‘finishing wax’, applied with a microfibre cloth, is a great way to prevent your wooden furniture from getting any scratches along the way. To start collecting quotes for your big move, fill in the form at the top of the page and our suppliers will be in touch with a price tailored to your moving needs. Due to the uniqueness of every household move, cost/price estimates are rarely accurate. Look for any duplicates or items you don’t use or no longer need, cross them out. On the other hand, using air freight would cost you around £4,500 to £6,000. In fact, our biggest tip for saving money when moving abroad overseas is to choose an LCL. Transporting your belongings by sea instead of air, selling the possessions you no longer need, and packing your stuff yourself can help save you a bit of money. Can you manage without it for a couple of months? Obviously gardening items such as tools and outdoor furniture are the main culprits for bringing dirt into other countries, but all your indoor furniture needs a proper inspection too. None of your boxes should weigh more than 30 pounds. If your furniture is important enough to come with you, it deserves to be wrapped up safely and properly. Decide on the date(s) you’ll be packing your stuff and tell your pals. That’s why we’ve teamed up with TransferWise, an online international money transfer service which uses the real exchange rate, and charges low fees. You are probably juggling countless tasks in preparation for your move. If you’re about to move abroad, you’ll probably need to send some of your savings to your new country. Living standards and costs vary widely from one country to the next, so a furniture piece that is quite cheap in the US may be rather expensive in another part of the world – or vice versa. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are placed on your computer or device when you visit our website. In order for a moving company to give you an accurate quote, they will need to survey your home. How much you’ll pay will depend on several factors, such as how much furniture you’re moving, where you’re moving it to and from, and whether you move it by sea or air. Look for any duplicates or items you don’t use or no longer need, cross them out. How much does it cost to ship furniture overseas? Join more than 7 million people and start using TransferWise today. This is especially true when moving abroad – you go to a new country where anything and everything is new and a new world opens before you. You’ll then need to buy a suitable travel crate and book your pet onto a flight to its destination country – either in the cabin or the hold. Similarly, books should go in boxes but never too many in the same box as it will become too heavy to carry. Once you’ve listed everything, you can go through it and cut it down. Don’t forget to put separate pieces of thick cardboard around each corner of the mirror. Well, its service can be up to 8x cheaper than high street banks. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. On moving day, the removal company will pack your furniture and then move it into a shipping container. It is possible to cut costs when moving abroad. Good luck! If your chair looks difficult to disassemble then simply refer to the original instruction manual (if you still have it). these costs are for moving the contents of a three-bedroom house and exclude add-ons such as door-to-door delivery, professional packing/unpacking and basic insurance cover. So, the first thing to do when considering international furniture shipping is to assess the practical value of your old pieces and figure out if they will be suitable for your new lifestyle: The sentimental worth of an item is usually more important than any practical or financial considerations – if a furniture piece is a family heirloom or has some special meaning for you, you will certainly want to hold onto it, no matter how difficult to move or how expensive to ship it may be. Charlie is a Yorkshire-born writer with a love for travel, animals and sea containers. After filling in the form you will get up to 5 free, non-obligatory quotes, either by phone or by e-mail. You also need to know the exact dimensions of your new home, especially the doorways. Simply filling in our form could provide you with the contact details of up to 5 moving companies that could do your move. If you’ve got small children or pets, then you probably inspect your furniture fairly regularly for damage. Speaking of delicate wooden furniture, you can go one step further when it comes to protecting your expensive surfaces. Go at it with a decent screwdriver and you should be done in no time. It depends on the number of furniture items you have for moving, the relocation distance, the transportation method, the required moving services, the time of the move, and the international furniture movers performing the job. Necessary cookies: Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. It is commonly assumed that when you move to a new place, you start a new life. Furniture pieces are unlikely to be in the lists of forbidden items, but wood furniture and outdoor furniture may be considered “risky items” in some countries (like Australia and New Zealand, for example) that have serious restrictions regarding the import of unwanted flora and fauna which could be a threat to the local ecosystem (wood pieces may be infested with insects, there may be dust mites and/or mold spores on the furniture, etc.). ", Moved in September 2020, from Georgensgmünd to Malaga, "We were looking everywhere for a good mover. Do i need to get the weight of the furniture? Once you’ve decided on which items you want to bring, you should consider the materials you’ll need to pack them (. In general, you should expect to pay anywhere between £1,000 and £3,000 to move your furniture overseas. That way, if anything gets bumped in transit then you can prove it and claim on insurance (if you have it). The only way to learn the exact cost of shipping your furniture to your new country is to get furniture shipping quotes from several reputable international furniture moving companies and request in-home price estimates. By following our tips, your furniture should arrive in its new home safe and sound. It is possible to cut costs when moving abroad. If you’ve got friends with big arms who are happy to help you, they can be a lot cheaper than hiring professional packers. Transporting your belongings by sea instead of air, selling the possessions you no longer need, and packing your stuff yourself can help save you a bit of money. So, if a furniture piece is impossible to disassemble and is too large, too heavy, too exquisite, or too awkwardly shaped to survive the relocation intact and unscathed, it will be better to leave it behind. In this case, shipping your furniture by sea won’t work for you and you may need to give up the idea of moving your furnishings to your new home (sea freight will be too slow for your needs and air freight will be too expensive). Tell us where you're moving to and compare prices from up to 6 trusted removal companies to see how much you could save today. None of your furniture should be exposed or loosely packed. You can use our page on international container shipping costs to get a better idea, or enter your details at the top of the page to get up to six free quotes. We hope this page has made you feel super confident about packing everything yourself, but we also understand that professional assistance during such a stressful time is invaluable.