How do you print duplicate characters from a string? (, How do you perform a binary search in a given array? Singleton classes are created by defining all class constructors as private. You can quickly check out developers’ reputation on Stack Overflow as well as their top answers. 14) Difference between ArrayList and Vector in Java (answer)hint: Many, but most important is that ArrayList is non-synchronized and fast while Vector is synchronized and slow. The aim of the exercise is not to provide a correct answer to the question in the shortest amount of time, but rather to consider the whole session as constructive dialogue. They dictate the logical structure of the code. Here are some of the popular array-based coding interview questions for your practice: Here are the solutions to each of these array problems: These questions will not only help you to develop your problem-solving skills but also improve your knowledge of array data structure. How is a merge sort algorithm implemented? 13) Difference between Listand Set in Java? However, many developers follow this approach and organize their C# source files in directories that correlate with namespaces. No junior (or senior) developer should go without it! A real developer would be passionate about his work and have a deep focus on his ongoing projects. (, How are duplicates removed from a given array in Java? (answer)hint: A pool of String literals. Here are 5 ways to check developers’ coding skills before hiring them: Any passionate developer, however junior they may be, should have a programmer portfolio. These common coding, data structure, and algorithm questions are the ones you need to know to successfully interview with any company, big or small, for any level of programing job. (, How is a merge sort algorithm implemented? (, How do you find all pairs of an integer array whose sum is equal to a given number? DLL Hell describes the difficulty in managing DLLs on a system; this includes multiple copies of a DLL, different versions, and so forth. How do you find the starting node of the cycle? (answer)hint: The threshold that triggers the re-sizing of HashMap is generally 0.75, which means HashMap resize itself if it's 75 percent full. Concepts and Terms that Every Software Engineer Needs to Know, Understanding Destructuring, Rest Parameters and Spread Syntax, Building a Simple Web App Using the Observer Pattern. You can ask follow-up questions based on their replies. (answer)hint: Inheritance allows code reuse and builds the relationship between class, which is required by Polymorphism, which provides dynamic behavior. How do you find the missing number in a given integer array of 1 to 100? (. How to Build a CRUD App with Amplify and AWS AppSync, 10 Important JavaScript Interview Question, How to Add Server Side Rendering to Vue.js App the Easy Way, Typesafe, Monadic Parsing with Mapped Types in Typescript, How To Speed Up Angular Development and Reduce Compilation Times. The GAC is the Global Assembly Cache. 46) Why wait and notify method are declared in Object class in Java? For customer related enquiries please email By, Dec 16, 2016 / If you are looking for a programming or software development job in 2019, you can start your preparation with this list of coding questions. When a DLL (or assembly) is loaded in .NET, it is loaded by name, version, and certificate. (, How do you check if a given string is a palindrome? (answer)hint: former contains both date and time while later contains only date part. It also comes in varieties like a singly linked list, which allows you to traverse in one direction (forward or reverse); a doubly linked list, which allows you to traverse in both directions (forward and backward); and finally, the circular linked list, which forms a circle. Good help is hard to find. 10) Difference between Serializable and Externalizable in Java? (answer)hint: List is ordered and allows duplicate. How do you remove duplicates from an array in place? How do you check if a given linked list contains a cycle? 21) What is the load factor of HashMap means? How is a bubble sort algorithm implemented? How do you perform preorder traversal in a given binary tree? The .NET Framework has namespaces defined for its many classes, such as System.Xml--these are utilized via the using statement. 1) How does Java achieve platform independence? Good communication skills will always pay off in a developer role and a portfolio is also a way to validate a candidate’s ability to explain and present things. ( answer) hint: bytecode and Java Virtual Machine. 24) When do you use Runnable vs Thread in Java? (, How do you find all permutations of a string? This list provides good topics to prepare and also helps assess your preparation to find out your areas of strength and weakness. See Java Fundamentals: Object-Oriented Design to learn more about OOP features. (, How do you reverse a singly linked list without recursion? It's also legacy and slow as compared to HashMap. How do you find the third node from the end in a singly linked list? How do you find the sum of two linked lists using Stack? 5) What is double checked locking in Singleton? Tell us something about yourself. He shares his experiences, findings, and thoughts on his blogs, Java67 and Javarevisited. 22) Difference between ArrayList and LinkedList in Java?