Descendre et exploser les blocs qui tirent afin de tuer les ennemis qui trainent. The Forbidden Tombs is a desert-themed level in Kid Chameleon.It is cited by some as the most difficult level in the entire game (depending on whether you know where the hidden helmets are), but Bloody Swamp wins the "Hardest Level Award" to most.. Walkthrough Edit. The pair work together and make it to the exit telepad, but the damaged device can only teleport one of them. Prenez le skate board qui est caché sur le recoin, à droite ! The premise of the game is that the main character, Casey, can use helmets to change into different characters, who can use their particular abilities to go through the levels. Avant de le prendre, prenez le réveil et le continue (au cas où…!) When you get to the first rubber block platform, LIGHTLY jump up and continue running. Ce niveau est assez difficile à passer sans se blesser. The game is also a part of the Sega Genesis Collection for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. **THE BLACK PIT ** The difficulty of the game stems mainly from two facts: Its sheer, merciless length, and the precision some levels (mostly later) require. Montez tout d’abord pour prendre la combi de la mouche (ou pour vous ressourcer !) Faire attention aux boules orange, descendre pour arriver au drapeau (attention au dernier escalier qui est mortel !!). Jusqu’au 1er boss battu : 332 920 pts Allez le plus rapidement possible jusqu’au drapeau, sans vous faire toucher et sans rien prendre ! Laissez vous descendre en faisant bien attention aux mains vertes qui trainent. Atteindre le puits et descendre. Allez tout droit, et engouffrez vous dans la montagne. "Skull Crusher" is likely a beta name for Juggernaut, in much the same way that Cyclone was called "Wings" and EyeClops was called "Vision Kid.". Attention aux 4 fuites vertes. This may have been the original story for the game and was changed later for whatever reason. Le prendre et continuez à droite jusqu’au drapeau. The top blocks will bounce him back down to the bottom blocks. vous verrez des blocs glissants. Kid will then be bounced upward to hit the top blocks. The length and difficulty of Kid Chameleon became sort of a legend. Generally this level should be avoided, but if you do end up here, use this walkthrough. And as for length, of the just over one hundred levels, only about half are on the "main path" that one must follow to complete the game, and more than thirty are bonus or transition levels called Elsewheres (though these may be difficult as heck too and can cost the player a lot of lives). Prendre le skate board, retournez vous et allez à gauche, descendre et retournez vous au bon moment pour progresser par le plafond. Pousser le bloc d’acier, descendre en éviant les piques et progresser en haut à droite, jusqu’à arriver à des ennemis casseurs de rochers. Descendez à droite ! **SCORPION ISLE ** Allez tout droit jusqu’aux 2 blocs noirs. Descendre avec prudence pour arriver au drapeau à gauche ! **CRYSTAL CRAGGS 1 ** 1:44. Since there is no general map of the game, it is also difficult to precisely tell where the player actually is in the game at any given moment, specially if taking teleporters which can warp you virtually anywhere inside the same level, or outside (though almost never backwards), and in the later stages, most levels lack a flag and use of teleporters is compulsory. A new virtual reality game called "Wild Side" arrived in town. Many players couldn't get past this very hard murder wall level, and they all lost their lives and continues to the wall. Envolez vous et prenez le jason et le réveil. Redescendre, et monter la pente de sable et redescendre pour atterrir dans le trou. ALIEN ISLE alors j’ai vu tous les niveaux du jeu. There are a total of 71 levels if you are not including the Elsewhere levels. A la fin, prendre le téléporteur. Continuez tout droit, jusqu’à un passage où il y a 2 cubes. Here, Casey returns to Wildside to find Brad, at the request of Suzi. Tuez les 3 mauvaises têtes à coups de haches, et en sautant dessus. Kid Chameleon Video Walkthrough- Forest 14 by Reshawshid. **THE VALLEY OF LIFE ** Regardez en bas et estimez bien le saut pour sauter au bon moment, pour atterrir sur l’ascenseur. Whatever the reason you're here, good luck. Pousser simplement les blocs à droite pour atteindre le drapeau ! For Kid Chameleon on the Genesis, GameFAQs has 5 cheat codes and secrets. Garder la tenue de rhino. Garder la tenue de rhino et à fond la caisse !! A temporary map of the whole game (probably all maps will be temporary) can be found here. Kid Chameleon Cheat Codes: ----- Submitted by: David K 10,000 bonus points: ----- Complete Blue Lask Woods in under 20 seconds. A la 4ème marche en partant du bas, vous tomberez dans un passage secret qui renferme une vie (elle se trouve tout à gauche dans un bloc invisible). "10 worlds" probably refers to the current 10 themes, and "Elsewhere" may have been renamed to Wildside, although it was later used to name the small stages that are four screen in size. Descendez encore, vous verrez des plate formes qui se déplacent horizontalement. Garder le toubillon !!! Le prendre et pousser les deux blocs d’acier à droite. Prendre le réveil, le jason et la vie ! The US instructions manual refers to this level as "Bloody Spike Swamp" and lists it under. Propulsé par Discourse, le rendu est meilleur quand JavaScript est activé. Get the Berzerker helmet from the first set of prize blocks.Wait for the Hand to turn around and then proceed and kill it. Don't panic, don't run, don't jump. Hang on to your carpet for ACTION and FUN! Prendre le téléporteur. Prenez la tenue du jason (dernier cube avant la caisse en bois) et prendre le réveil à droite. Elsewheres: 11 • 12 • 13 • 14 • 15 • 16 • 32. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kid Chameleon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Many players couldn't get past this very hard murder wall level, and they all lost their lives and continues to the wall. For a brief time, KC held the title of the longest, hardest game of its time. Chameleon feet have three toes pointing in one direction and two that point the opposite way, which gives them a good grip on the tree branches they spend most of their time on. Do not panic when you reach the two small platforms that are moving left and right. Also, a given amount of time is set to complete each level. The game's boss, Heady Metal, had freed himself from his scripted AI. Aller à droite, passer les blocs mouvants, et attendre l’alien qui tire sur vous. The "x" used to indicate how many diamonds you have is larger here than in the final version. **ICE GOD’S VENGEANCE ** Elevez vous au dessus du nuage jaune, traverser le pont vert (il fait nuit) et allez à gauche pour la récompense : le drapeau en question.