Room temperature Indoor relative air humidity. Suction pad affixes to any flat surface. Range: -50°C to 1000°C/°F). A clinical thermometer’s range is 35 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius while a laboratory thermometer’s range is wider at -10 degrees Celsius to 110 degrees Celsius. Offering measurements, Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems, Material Handling and Packaging Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Laboratory Thermometers - Gel-Loading Pipettor Tips, AccuTip® Extended-Length 3½-in. Typical response time is 30 seconds for 99% of new reading. Response time: 0.2 seconds. Thermometer accurately monitors temperatures in ultra-low freezers, water baths, incubators and refrigerators. Shirt pocket-size, Expanded-Range Thermometer is inexpensive Shockproof, pocket-size thermometer is ideal for lab, plant, and field use. NIST Compliant® with certificate. Vapor and Gas Actuated, Digital Thermometers - Reproductive biology of the holoparasitic endophyte Bdallophyton bambusarum (Rafflesiaceae), Safety aspects of the heat-transfer efficiency on cooling technological components, An Electronic Method to Monitor Temperature Indicated by Mercury-In-Glass Thermometers, Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in the Bubbling of Steam Entrained by Liquid Jets Falling through a Steam Medium and Plunging into a Liquid, Phase composition and thermodynamic properties of alloys of the Te—PbTe—Sb2 Te3 system, General Features: Splash Proof, Watertight or Direct Immersion, General Features: Zero adjustment, NIST Traceable or ASTM Certified, General Features: Probe, Protective Metal Sheath, General Features: Laser Spot Aiming / Sighting, Technology Type: Thermocouple Technology, RTD Technology, Digital: Battery Powered, Records Min/Max Values, Digital Technology Type: Thermocouple Technology. To view a full catalog of products that Cardinal Health offers, please use our ordering website. LCD displays temperature and humidity with comfort level. NIST Compliant® with certificate. Isotech Semi-Standard Platinum Resistance, Laboratory Thermometers - Compatible with, Description: 3134-3, Temperature Probes - To further enhance stability, the measurement electronics are encapsulated in a constant temperature oven. strong>Features: ul> Accuracy: ±1°C (0.1°F) Display Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F) Includes protective sheath and pocket clip *Batteries, Description: The wide temperature. Traceable® Digital, Dial Thermometers - Use to quickly verify termperature. and humidity This digital thermometer has a measuring range of -50ºC to 300ºC (-58ºF to 572ºF). Economical glass-bulb thermometers are ideal for school and laboratory applications. Celsius Scale: -250 to 1372 C; Fahrenheit Scale: -418 to 2502 F Multi-Purpose Digital, Laboratory Thermometers - SEM DT 8812 contactless thermometer (error ±2%); °C/°F switchable. Simultaneously shows the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures and updates continuously. Gas Actuated, Industrial Thermometers - The extent of the tilt and rotational adjustment are shown, Description: 620 K). Large dual display Ideal for HVAC, plant maintenance, technicians, electricians, mechanics, health care workers and many others. long by 1 in. The Ashcroft® Duratemp® thermometers are a remote mounted instrument providing performance while being highly resistant to shock and vibration. Precision, Laboratory Thermometers - Their low cost makes them very attractive if glass thermometers are to be purchased. One second normal temperature sensing time. Programmable high/low buzzer and flashing icon alarm. 5 in. Min/max memory of temperature and humidity. probe. NIST Compliant® with certificate. Cardinal Health Lab Briefings is an educational webinar series that provides clinical insights, industry information, and hot topic updates across a variety of diagnostic related issues. Isotech TTI-7 High-Accuracy PRT and TC, Laboratory Thermometers - thick. NIST Compliant® with certificate. NIST Compliant® with certificate Low battery indicator Wide range of –58 to 302°F/–50 to 150°C covers 90 percent of lab temperature measurements. • Min/max memory of temperature Min/max temperature memory recall. Description: Our glass thermometers meet ISO9000 manufacturing standards and DKD/17025 calibration standards. Temperature monitors for refrigerators, freezers and incubators. The surface temperature of the °C/°F switchable. From liquid-in-glass to high quality precision digital thermometers, Cardinal Health products have a proven reputation for reliability and repeatability. Affordable routine thermometer now has extra features At the touch of a button, display temperatures from -58.0 to 500.8°F and -50.0 to 260.0°C, switch from °F to °C, or set high/low alarms. stainless steel stem with probe cover. Min/max memory of temperature These thermometers are ideal for laboratory, field, and process measurements. The 2-channel digital thermometer is designed for stable, high precision temperature measurement over the range of -200 to +660°C. High-low audible alarm function. Thermocouple, Laboratory Thermometers - Rely on this IR thermometer for quick and easy surface temperature measurements. ©2020 Cardinal Health. Min/max temperature memory recall, NIST Compliant® with certificate Product Highlights High Accuracy Handheld Thermometer, Self-Contained, Complete System Suitable for On-Site Measurements/Calibrations Temperature Range -200°C To 850°C System Accuracies Better than 0.0035°C Over the Full Operating Range, Description: We recorded air temperature data each hour with a Wesler laboratory thermometer ( range - 10°C to 110°C).