Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. Every accessory added to the stand will increase the weight burden that the boom arm needed to handle. Which stand you should buy to prevent your mic from dropping on the floor. The mic setup does matter. It is a recommended studio setup for vocals, guitar, drums, and other instruments. ROBERT S. This Tripod is the most affordable entry-level boom mic stand that is more suitable for the basic uses. Mack J. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. Home ≥ Recording ≥ Recording Microphones ≥ Microphone Accessories ≥ Microphone Stands; Microphone Stands Boom Stand or Straight, tripod or … It also features the Euro-style boom that comes with the individually adjustable clutch for boom length adjustment and the separate clutch for boom angle adjustment. On that note, it never hurts to have a good supply of standard vocal mic stands on hand, as well. In fact, there are countless types of boom stands with various unique specifications that you can find on the market right now. on November 13, 2017, — Learn More. Short Mic Stand with Weighted Base and Boom Arm, Heavy-duty Microphone Stand with Telescoping Boom - Black. You can also call us toll free at (800) 222-4700, Mon-Thu 9-9, Fri 9-8, and Sat 9-7 Eastern. on November 6, 2015, — $59.99 $29.95. Marc L. This K & M stand can be considered as a professional tripod telescopic boom arm stand that is suitable for almost all types of general vocal, singing, musical instrument usage applications. This entire setup fits in a backpack, and would be perfect for quick setup events or trade shows. It also has an adjustable counterweight to ensure that it can balance the boom mic stand even with heavier microphones attached to it and would prevent it from toppling to another side. The Samson MD2/PS05 Bundle is an essential mic accessory pack for any desktop studio used for vocal recording applications such as podcasting, voiceover work, music tracking and more.. You will be surprised with its sturdiness for the price that they offer for the stand. No matter how a stand is seemingly well made, it is still best to know that the clamp can handle the kind of boom microphone that you will use. Your email address will not be published. Short Tripod Floor Boom Stand with Matte Black Finish, Broadcast-style Professional Studio Boom Arm with 70mm Microphone Threading, 360-degree Rotation and Over 3' Horizontal and Vertical Reach, Portable Tripod Stand with Telescoping Feet and Height Adjustment, Extra Tall Heavy-duty Floor Stand Designed for Studios and Drummers, Tripod Mic Stand, Adjustable from 36" to 63" - Black, Studio Microphone Stand with 16 lb. Boom arm can give you longer horizontal reach with the more flexible adjustable angle. on May 9, 2018, — It is recommended for light microphones. To make audio recording more efficient, the microphone is clipped or inserted in a boom mic stand where it can easily reach the sound source. Running your POS or kiosk from a tablet? Knowing the weight of the microphone would determine the kind of boom mic stand that you will need. And it also features wheels on the tripod legs for easy stand movement during performance. Get portable and save space with the AirTurn goSTAND! Easy to carry, setup, and store. STAND EXTENSION: The AirTurn MANOS universal tablet mount is the perfect way to display your tablet. If you have questions about picking the right mic stand for specific applications or to suit a specific type of microphone, we're happy to help you sort it out. The prices of the most affordable and cheap boom arms could start from as low as $10 and will be ranged up to $100 for the highest-end category. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This limited edition studio production set features a highly collectable, black textured version of our flagship condenser mic, the Spirit, plus the best-in-class Aston Swiftshield pop filter and shock mount set – everything you need for high-class recordings of vocals, instruments and most other sound sources. Its boom arm is extendable from 4″ to 27″ long from the vertical pole, and its height is adjustable from 40″ to 63″. The integrated clips will keep the mic in the right position. The On Stage Stands MS7701 is made with the affordability and portability perspectives in mind. Short Floor Mic Boom Stand with 2-piece Telescoping Boom, Foldable Legs, and Powdercoat Finish - Black $69.99 Or $2/month§ for 36 months i (18)