C. How do we know we're still on the right course? B. Outsourcing. Multiple choice questions on Human resource management can be separated under various topics . Being logical and rationally directed toward well-defined systems and structures. What is meant when it is said that an organisation needs reinvention. C. restructure its sources of financing. C. moderating variable Here we have discussed number of MCQ on (HRM) human resource planning with answers . D. Administrative theory, A. diplomacy, scientology, psychology A. A regulator. The process of evaluating whether outcomes match objectives and, if not, taking 3. A. D. Determining a workable fit between organisational competencies and limitations on the B. in analyzing problems using cause-effect relationships. A. D. profitability, A. a cause and effect relationship know as, The behavioural science hybrid that integrates psychology and sociology is known as, One type of organisation especially buffeted by technological change is, People who work in the Human resource department should have a knowledge of, The highest level of striving for the organisation is articulated by. 21. (C) III only Hello studentsTry this quiz to revise the concepts of Chapter -4 (Planning) of class 12 Business Studies. Check all actions that can be found in the EOC First-In Checklist. C. mission consistent measurable results to be achieved within a specified future time frame. C. open systems approach When setting key objectives, managers first seek to articulate. Quiz: Basic Project Cost Management Principles! B. sociology, psychology, anthropology C. gives direction to a sense of purpose. D. causality Passing score is 90% correct. __________________for getting raw material & supplies from stores.Fill in the blank with the   type of plan . The main schools of management thought are: "It all depends on the variables of a situation" best describes the, The observation of people at work that would reveal the one best way to do a task is known It is C. people and money. 16. C. Having first-line managers create superordinate goals. ____________________ is who they are and how they fit in. What is the strategy of branching beyond the core capabilities that define product Note: This training is an overview of person-centered planning. III. Fill in the blank with type of plan . Link to Project Management MCQs (PDF) is given below. a) A defined specified outcome to be achieved in the long-term. B. _______________ is a statement of human qualifications necessary to do the job, A) Job Description               B) Job analysis                  C) Job specification                    D) None of the above, 12. B. When the chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard explains to employees that the viability C. Moderate satisfaction results in low productivity. C. The pattern of managing actions that focus resources and core competence on achieving D. All of the above could be an example of relative quality degradation. Donald’s Co. Will not give franchise to any other company which is already running a restaurantIdentify the  type of plan from the above statement, __________________ is derived from Policy .Fill in the blank with type of plan, ___________________ of issuing securities. C. Systems theory (D) progressive elaboration, 3. D. Human diversity. A. Superordinate goal. D. bureaucracy theory, A. psychology C. simplify the complexity of a real organisation to emphasize interconnected elements. A. Next: Project Management MCQs 6–10. When control systems are used to their fullest, they. Motivation theory This gives details about the name of the job, qualification, qualities required and work conditions etc, A) Job Analysis         B) Job selection                   C) Job specification                     D) Job description, 2. of the company depends on their continuing to improve and develop new products, she is Metro Manila in the Philippines is a city full of attractions for the tourist, as well as being the seat of government, and therefore primate. C. Organisational culture. These Objective type Budject & Planning are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. _________________ Detailed & systematic study of information relating to operations & responsibilities of a specific job, A) Job Description              B) Job analysis                C) Job designing                    D) None of the above, 11. D. closed. Project management and the theory of project management multiple choice question (MCQ) Test. Which characteristic of megalopolis descrtbes its tendency to develop a multi-nuclei or multi-nodal spatial pattern? I beleive the answer should be no data. corrective action. C. inputs consumed A. a statement of purpose, capabilities, and controls. variable is known as, The consistency of data obtained from a particular research method is known as, The degree to which a research method actually measures what it is supposed to measure is B. reprimands D. A threat. C. field experiment Hisstreatise is entitled: Why is Metro Manila considered a primate city? C. management B. sociology B. c. Escalation of … C. accelerating. (D) unrelated projects, 4. Techniques of collecting Job Analysis Data does not include, A) Personal observe        B) Training        C) Maintenance of log records        D) Sending out questionnaires, 17. On a scale of 1-5 (1=not at all; 3=moderately; 5=extremely), please rate how comfortable you are with this content.