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Like some people smell scents or see things pertaining to their loved one, some hear things too. Yes, they are only material things that never last, and my Dad is not a materialistic person, but thinking that these simple things were never given, really makes me feel regretful. Robert and I had a wonderful connection and we enjoyed the refreshing non complicated relationship we were building. That’s my long answer. I know it is hard to read adc’s when there seems to be none in sight, but it will happen to you. 4.A few days ago,I was crying and remembering him and then in order to search something ,I opened Google and in one of the search results,I saw a word “Papa”(we used to call him papa) and below that ,a number 53 was written. But, There it grew. I’m so sorry this happened. You know the love you had between you, right? I am hoping so much this was her…. When there is a momentary pause and they do break through, we may mistake their presence as a past memory of them. I did his hair for the funeral and was honored to be with him again. It is great knowing that he is still guiding us and watching over us from up there. I have never touched and felt anything but Doug. I teach a class on this, so you have come to the right place. But the questions I did ask, were answered and I felt so much peace when I woke up. And then I woke up and my pain was gone. I have been very distraught and heart broken, last night I had a dream that was so real and vivid its hard to get out of my mind. She was thinner and her skin was gorgeous and smooth, no wrinkles, no glasses, her hair was full and shiny, she was glowing. And since there is so much we can’t understand, many misconceptions are possible. I cover all this in my class. I’ve tried to recreate this scenario but the light movement isn’t close to being the same color, motion or placement of where I saw it. I seem to be having difficulty telling this on here as I have on other sites too. Subtle that they may be, this is often how they materialize into our world. Thanks, Jade . , May you be comforted with peace throughout your grieving process. Now on to the crazy part… Last Wednesday I left college and was approached by three strange men in a car while I was waiting on the bus and one of them went to get out of the car after me and I ran for my life just knowing it wasn’t right. I knew there was more to this whole thing. its a very common believe by those who study this phenomenon….i am hoping that they are wrong…. I’m confused and need to know. And the love you have together? After reading so many beautiful testimonies to love’s continuance after death, I feel compelled to post my stories. I woke up extremely peaceful, feeling that this was really his way of communicating with me. May 4th I was relaxing in my yard when I suddenly saw a Hummingbird. Like it happened just yesterday. And his way to say, “Happy Birthday” to your son. No person completely knows the heart of another. Chat away as though she’s still there. In one dream, in which he seemed happy but a little frantic, he was holding a telephone. I was reading a book on ADC when I came across a discussion of the butterfly as a symbol of continuing life. I woke up crying and I am crying now.. She has an amazing presence. I won't bullshit you, it's still painful, but it gets far more manageable. His favourite song was Dock of The Bay. Every day I still cry and I’m always thinking of the things that I should have done before. She will find a way and you will know it when she does. You’ve had an experience that you can’t deny. It is completely possible that he led you to the meditation so he could talk to you. I wasn’t afraid and the conversation was real. For you have been a true friend. Thanks :).It is indeed really comforting.But do you think it is a visitation dream?I remember everything about that dream still. Counseling helped me tremendously, but I wish I had gone sooner... please, as soon as you are able to just walk out of the house, find a grief counselor and commit to going. Thanks for sharing. There’s so many things I would have loved to say to him. I was already getting many after-death communications from him already, but… I guess it wasn’t enough for me, even though I am a medium, too. He is now 30. . I felt despair and sadness envelop my body. She told me to look for her in the stars. All I have to do is look in the mirror and see him….I look just like him! There was the one about the stupid coke with the name on them. I want you to know that you can still say all those things to your dad. Scars are a testament to life. I’m glad you ran like hell. I couldn’t function so I called a psychic! You could be kindred souls that started way before this life. The peace I felt during those dreams were extraordinary, I didn’t want it to end. She heard your request. Sooner or later they become conscious of what has happened and adjust to a new way of thinking from a different perspective. Sometimes you just need a stranger to give you permission to hurt. Hand to god! I had a look and emptied the drawer of its contents and could not find it. After my beloved grandmother died I felt her presence often ,her face cream and there have been times I felt my hair caressed and my forehead kissed and I know it is her. Hi Jade, my boyfriend of 8 years passed away August 26,2015. of a heart attack. He was polite to me. The key is to feel them in your heart, not your head. While this is just a theory, mathematically, it is supposed to be a thing. Oh Amy, I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m so sorry dear. This past Monday was my mom’s birthday. But since then i been a emotional mess and i have a very clear understanding of Death. I keep going through my mind as for what it could mean. I asked if she’s with her father (he passed on a few years ago) and she said no it doesn’t work like that? I was with my son, (6yrs old) and I turned around and there was my mom. It had to be an odd place for my Mum to find them and for for us to make this connection. She started going out with a guy that we did not approve of. As his pulse was weak and he was on high oxygen!! But I was home alone and I hear a thud in the bedroom. Thank you so much for your guidance. That was a known fact. I turned my clock radio on (which I never do). I also been seeing alot of men who resemble him. I’m sorry for your loss, Isobel. Stay alive. You knew it all along.. That’s awesome. Before his death, We were thinking to meet up & spend some time together out of our busy lives… Only to receive a call from his good fren that he met with an accident, was in coma for a week and passed away.