A wonderful, fragrant spring flower display followed by the early fruit set adds to the home garden value. This is the earliest Cherry to flower, and it produces an abundance of tasty cherries. It dazzles in the landscape with first blooming a light pink and then transforming into beautiful white blossoms. Thank you! For homeowners in the cold winter zones from 2 - 6, Nanking Cherry (Prunus tomentosa) is a wonderful, easy-care bush to add to the landscape. Great bush cherry sets fruit its first year. Heavy crops. Shipping plants with the containers they grew in, soil and all is very tricky plant material to ship. Nanking Cherry is the earliest-blooming Cherry and one of the best producers for extreme temperature areas. Nanking $ 9.00. Tart, tangy flavor like that of sour cherries. *If you have found your zone already, the table above will highlight your zone. Trees > Flowering Cherry > Nanking Cherry. Our plants are grown all over the country and lead time on items may be different because of this. Please call the Nursery when ordering 3 years and older plants for custom quote freight prices. Plant at the same depth as in the nursery. This never materialized, and the developed cultivars have all been lost. Once an item ships, you will receive shipment notification and tracking numbers, so you can follow along while your plant travels to your doorstep. Height at Maturity: 6′-10′ About Nanking Cherry: This is one of the easiest plants to grow. You'll love the fruit's tangy, sweet-tart taste for fresh eating or baking into pies. Up to 8 quarts at maturity. Plants may be Thrives almost anywhere. Grows 8 to 10 feet tall with a 10 to 15 foot spread. Rosy pink buds cover the shrub in early spring, and open to showy white flowers. Gurney's trademarks are registered trademarks of Gardens Alive! Harvest an abundance of flavorful, tart cherry-like fruit in early summer, from beautiful dwarf trees. Find Your Growing Zone:Show Approximate Ship Dates & Restrictions, Address2336 S 156TH CIRCLE OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68130. It combines the fine qualities of a beautiful flowering shrub and tremendously healthy fruit - all growing on a plant that will withstand some of the harshest climates known. Description; Additional information; Description Bare Root Cherry Tree. Subscribe to our email list to receive best offer. Plant Sentry is designed to protect both consumers and the nursery trade from invasive plant pests and diseases. For a special treat in mid-winter, cut several branches and bring them indoors. This reliable early bloomer is so welcome after the long winter. It is tolerant of drought and needs a well drained soil. delivery. Use it for massing in a hedge or planted on a slope. Grow as a wide spreading bush or prune into a small tree. Nanking Cherry is a nutritious fruit high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. To obtain a more accurate shipment time-frame, simply enter your zip code in the “Find Your Growing Zone” box to the right. Nanking Bush Cherry Sets Fruit its First Year. At Nature Hills we handle, package and ship the products you order with the utmost care to ensure healthy Popular sizes of select trees are 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc. Oops, there seems to be an error, please re-enter your email address. A winter hardy, moderately fast-growing, short-lived shrub native to China, Japan, and the Himalayas. Nanking Cherry is not reliably self-fertile. For best yields, plant two or more. Your discount has been applied. Bareroot plant is best in full sun. Develops a lustrous orange or reddish-brown bark that exfoliates in thin strips of vertical curls with age. We pack them carefully to ensure they arrive safely. Measure from the center of the first shrub to the center of the next. Nanking Cherry has tremendous value for screening and hedging. conditions for A great conservation plant. age of the plant! This is a true edible ornamental that has been cultivated for 1000's of years throughout eastern Asia. Bears up to 8 quarts of bright red cherries; ripens in July. Best in full sun as a foundation plant or as a fruitful hedge. Thank you to Matt Lavin for the use of this plant image. root plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. This cherry relative is native Nanking Cherry is a nutritious fruit high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Boxes require all 1-2 year potted plants combined to equal 10. options as you create a beautiful landscape with help from Nature Hills. Simply delicious eating! This excellent bush cherry … Give it a full sun location and well-drained soil for best results. Nanking White Cherry Bush Prunus tomentosa. Bears lots of cherries that ripen in July. Thank you for signing up for our special offers and promotions! Each cherry is a brilliant, translucent red jewel. in multiple The soft features make it the perfect accent along a driveway or running along a fence. Copyright © 2020 Gardens Alive!, d/b/a Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co. All Rights Reserved. For each offer ordered, get two 12-18" bareroot plants, For each offer ordered, get two 18-24" bareroot plants. Nanking Cherry is a fruiting cherry bush that produces edible cherry fruit for both wildlife and human consumption. The fruit is best eaten fresh but is also used to make jams and juices. Usually bears the first year if planted early enough. Early and extra productive! Nature Hills sells a large variety of plants with several options available. Postal Service or FedEx. The 1/2 inch fruit can be eaten fresh or used in pies or jelly. In all cases, we choose the fastest, most efficient way to send your in full until the entire order is ready to ship based on your grow zone. Open the center of the plant to sunshine and air circulation each year. 37110. Easily create a wildlife habitat with several Nanking Cherry bushes added to anchor a Butterfly Garden. We select and ship only the finest quality bulbs, plants, and trees. We have received your request. Thank you! It delivers visual interest in winter as it exfoliates to show pattern variation of shiny reddish-brown bark peeling to orange as it ages. Sorry, we cannot ship products to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO or outside anticipated shipping schedule, shifting earlier or later, depending. If you are not pleased with your purchase, please call us at (812) 260-2148 or email us at service@michiganbulb.com and our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help you obtain a merchandise credit. You might hear Downy Cherry, Mountain or Mongolian Cherry, Hedge Cherry, Chinese Bush Cherry or Manchu Cherry. A winter hardy, moderately fast-growing, short-lived shrub native to China, Japan, and the Himalayas. Zone: 2-7 Specialization: Food-Cover-Screening- Growth Rate: Fast Crop Abundance: Heavy Can Produce In: 2-3 Years Soil Type: Well Drained Soil Moisture: Well drained to Moist. The berries seem to glow against the attractive, textured foliage. Nanking Cherry will next be available for delivery in the Spring of 2022. Unsubscribe anytime. A bush type cherry, very hardy with above average size fruit for the Nanking. You can force them to bloom in sunny spot. Plan to start harvest as they ripen in early to mid-summer, depending on your location.