Bright green outer leaves encircle bright white leaves with just a hint of blush. The plant features large, spread and ribbed leaves but forms no head; the rib … See more ideas about Ornamental cabbage, Ornamental kale, Cabbage. Close-up. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ‘Mammoth Red Rock’ seeds are available at True Leaf Market. With its stunning looks, ‘January King’ can rival many ornamental plants for visual impact in the garden. Phuket Thailand, Insect caterpillar on a green leaf of cabbage eats a plant. Let us know in the comments. Cabbage leafy vegetable plant with edible leaves - isolated over white background, Sequence of pumpkin plant growing isolated. Due to its large size, this variety takes a little longer to mature. Close up of green cabbage plant on farmland, Cabbage on plant. Download Cabbage plant images and photos. Originally published December 17, 2019. A hardy crop, ‘Golden Acre’ is resistant to yellowing diseases. Cultivated cabbage growing in garden. Plants grow up to 30 inches tall, but the heads are petite and look best planted in groups of eight or more. It provides an excellent contrast to other varieties’ smooth leaves. Once you receive your seeds, make sure to read the seed packet for detailed growing information. ‘Earliana,’ as its name suggests, is one of the earliest maturing cabbage varieties. Product photos via Burpee, Eden Brothers, Javagado Land, and True Leaf Market. Shot at shallow depth of field, Pattern of nature cabbage plant. A closeup vertical shot of a cabbage plant in the field, Cabbage plant. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage. Clean eating food. This red heirloom variety dates back to 1889. Baby sitting in cabbage plant, The Brussels sprout cabbage plant growing in organic permaculture garden. You can find ‘Savoy Perfection’ seeds in packets of various sizes at True Leaf Market. A vertical shot of a cabbage plant in the field, Cabbage Type Plant. Cabbage isolated on a white background, Freshly harvested whole kale cabbage. 83,848 cabbage plant stock photos are available royalty-free. St. Petersburg, Russia - February 28, 2017: Workers stacking containers with pickled, White cabbage plant with green leaves. Growing in a vegetable garden with soil showing through. Lovely cute tabby cat with beautiful yellow eyes sit in Chinese, Green and fresh Savoy cabbage growing on irrigated field. Olympic National Park,Washington, Crops of cabbage. 7. Gardeners can grow ‘Savoy Perfection’ in Zones 3-12. Fresh Cabbage leaves. Background of green and purple Cjrdyline fruticosa plant, also know as Red Edje plant, Cabbage palm, Woman working in the garden. Healthy leaves of the plant for growing cabbages, Fresh purple and white cabbage (brassica oleracea) plant leaves. Plant in full sun, spaced 18 inches apart for best results. Cabbage plant. Jan 30, 2015 - Explore Robin Odonnell's board "ornamental cabbage" on Pinterest. Planting of cabbage. Download in under 30 seconds. Closeup of a Red Cabbage plant, Brassica oleracea, capitata f. rubra, Green cabbage. herbaceous perennial plant. Tuscan cabbage (Lacinato kale) is a type of dark green black-leafed kale that is more commonly known as ‘cavolo nero’ or ‘black cabbage.’ This black kale plant is a large type of cabbage plant. ‘Red Acre’ seeds in packets of various sizes are available at True Leaf Market and from Eden Brothers. Organic farm. A garden pest for agricultural crops and an enemy of gardeners. Close-up of head with seeds, Spring April branches with green leaves and buds of forest Bird Wild Cabbage plant isolated.