Poetical Books II, Page 323. The etymology of the term has to do with the neck or breath or desire. When people are ungodly, no wonder that they are unjust; those who are not true to God himself cannot be expected to deal rightly with his people. Major Prophets Pentateuch The psalmist cried to God in prayer, Psalms 43:1-3. In "Sabbaths at Home." The joy of joy. 5. (Spurgeon). Ver. Please see Blue Letter Bible's Privacy Policy for cookie usage details. Mental, common gifts; as Paul had a singular gift of language and single life; Apollos of elocution, argument, power of convincing. Why do I wander hither and thither like a restless spirit? Life is dependent upon God just as life is dependent upon water. Promises praise in the anticipation of an answer, Psalms 43:4, and chides himself for his despondency, Psalms 43:5. 3. The great object of public worship, its bliss, and the praise resulting from attaining it. They are probably separate psalms, linked by a common problem: spiritual … "This psalm is either a part of the previous one or is closely connected with it." So it may be that a representative of the community voices the prayer of Psalm 42-43 in the crisis of exile. 1. 3. Beloved, neither sin nor grief for sin, are stilled and quieted at the first. You see how David's passions here are interlaced with comforts, and his comforts with passions, till at last he gets the victory of his own heart. The best conduct under it. Note the assurance of David, thou art, not I hope and trust so, but I know it is so; we shall find confidence to be our consolation. Others are unable to understand my motives, and unwilling to give me a just verdict. 5. The Whole Bible John 14:16. On account of the similarity of the structure of this Psalm to that of Psalm forty-two, it has been supposed to be a fragment wrongly separated from the preceding song; but it is always dangerous to allow these theories of error in Holy Scripture, and in this instance it would be very difficult to show just cause for such an admission. The speaker is in crisis and engages in a dialogue with the self in the refrain as a way of articulating the significance of the crisis and of moving forward. If thou wilt judge, thy acceptance of my conduct will be enough for me; I can laugh at human misrepresentation if my conscience knows that thou art on my side; thou art the only one I care for; and besides, thy verdict will not sleep, but thou wilt see practical justice done to thy slandered servant. Ver. This treatment will consider Psalm 43 in the context of the full text, Psalm 42-43. The promise of the Great Deliverer was given; then faithfulness was enlisted on the side of grace, and became engaged for its bestowment; "mercy and truth met together; righteousness and peace kissed each other." Led by the light and truth of the Lord, the psalmist comes to the tabernacle, to the tent of meeting with God. Possession, praise, resolution. The way to the altar is opened by the sending out of light and truth from God." To have God in possession, and to know it by faith, is the heart's heaven—a fulness of bliss lies therein. The darkness and the mystery are still about him, but the shining way is seen; and again the soul is forbidden to despair and hope is encouraged in God." 4. John 17:24, etc. Psalms 104:15. 4. Ver. i. (Psa 43:4) When You answer my prayer, I will praise You. "C.H. 5. To God my exceeding joy; I will go and consult him, and converse with him as a friend; and be thankful that, in such a troublesome and ensnaring world, I have such a friend to advise with. And so if the word of a wise friend, how much more the word of God, with its many strengthening promises? Wisdom Literature Ver. The psalm concludes with a hope found in God who must quench the thirst of the one praying. The God of my strength. All other beauties have their boundaries, all other glories have their glooms. Ver. Pauline Epistles Minor Prophets George Phillips, B.D. Nathanael Homes. Judge me, O God. Altar of God. 4. But the word of believers is, spero meliora —my hopes are better than my present possessions. 4. St. John in that place fore quoted, saith the young men to whom he wrote were strong because the word of God abode in them. and why art thou, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible. I shall yet praise him. 1. 1. My exceeding joy. 1. Here again is a useful question, addressed to the right quarter. B. Johannine Writings His blessedness —expressed by rejoicing in God. We seek not light to sin by, nor truth to be exalted by it, but that they may become our practical guides to the nearest communion with God: only such light and truth as are sent us from God will do this, common light is not strong enough to show the road to heaven, nor will mere moral or physical truths assist to the holy hill; but the light of the Holy Spirit, and the truth as it is in Jesus, these are elevating, sanctifying, perfecting; and hence their virtue in leading us to the glorious presence of God. All my strength is in thee, I leave therefore this task of combating my foes entirely in thy hands. Wisdom Literature From the word of the Spirit, the word of God. All my strength belongs to thee—I will not, therefore, use it on my own behalf against my personal foes. Let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles. Under what influence we should resort to divine worship. He would with cheerfulness run and offer up the sacrifice of thanksgiving to his gracious deliverer; he would take his own soul as the burnt offering, and kindle and burn it up with the fire of a vigorous love and raised affections terminating upon God, the flames whereof should ascend to him alone...Unto God my exceeding joy, or, as the Hebrew is more exactly translated, unto God the gladness of his joy — that which gave a relish to every other comfort, which was the soul and life of his pleasures, and could only make them real and lasting; it was God who raised his joy to fulness of satisfaction and contentment. Show content in: Both English Hebrew. Now, these donations of corporal and mental natural endowments are God's gifts. It was Archbishop Desmond Tutu who said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor …, In the first chapter of the book of Joshua, the title character is exhorted four times — in the space of eleven verses — to “be strong and courageous.”, “Paul … found a Jew named Aquila … with his wife Priscilla … Paul went to see them, and, because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them, and they worked together — by trade they were tentmakers (Acts 18:1–3).”. Under the New Covenant we no longer offer animal sacrifices, but we still bring the sacrifice of praise. -------------------- Ver. We are not to cross question the Lord in peevishness, but we may ask of him in humility; God help us to observe the distinction so as not to sin through stress of sorrow. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/tod/psalms-43.html. Ps 20:2 119:28. The enemies appear to be those who see the crisis at hand and find the root cause in the life of the speaker. The godly man hath from God a threefold strength, namely, natural, providential, and spiritual. Pauline Epistles Ver. Ver. Let them lead me; a. Any place God's people gather together to meet Him can become a tabernacle. Why dost thou cast me off? It is beautiful to observe how David's longing to be away from the oppression of man always leads him to sigh more intensely for communion with God. The New Testament also speaks of thirst for God (Matthew 5:6) and of God as the one who quenches such thirst (John 4:14; 6:35; Revelation 21:6). (Morgan) In fact, in a number of ancient Hebrew manuscripts Psalm 42 and Psalm 43 are joined together as one unity. My exceeding joy. The Older Testament — and Psalm 42-43 — views the person in a holistic way. Discouragement's recovery. Natural, Acts 17:28. Providential strength is God's making way for his people to act and put forth their strength. The practice of separating the psalms … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 43" Ver. (Psa 43:1) God, where are You when the wicked surround me? Ver. Oppression makes a wise man mad; why, Lord, am I called to endure so much of it for so long a time? Ver. The psalm’s journey toward hope rests in divine initiative. The joy of thy presence and the faithfulness of thy heart; let both of these be manifest to me.