29. This means you’ll enjoy the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty when you place your purchase with us. Install the new bracket as shown with the supplied 7/16” x 1” bolt, washers, nut in the factory hole and 5/16” x 3/4” bolt, washer and nut in the drilled hole. Just in time for the holidays, we've extended our normal 30-day return policy. All components must be retightened after 500 miles, and every three thousand miles after installation. 39. See Photo 4. Chock the front tires and jack the rear the rear end up. Shop Parts in this Guide. Make sure the ABS wire are out of harms way. See Photo 9. At TDot Performance we offer the largest selection of rough country products in Canada. Remove the skid plate with a 13mm socket. Do not use air impact on the upper and lower ball joint, tighten with hand tools. Install the knuckle on the upper ball joint with the stock hardware and tighten using a 21mm and a 10mm wrench. 18. See Photo 16. See Photo 2. 9. 6. 20. Select a vehicle to store in your garage. Using a jack support the rear end and remove U-bolts using a 21mm socket and remove the factory blocks. Chock the rear wheels and jack up the front of the vehicle. On models with 16mm caliper hardware it will be necessary to use the qty 4, two per side 5/16” thick washers on the head of the caliper bolts. Free & Fast Shipping. Rough Country manufactures high quality suspension products and accessories which will allow you to really boost your vehicle’s performance and drivability. Tap lightly with a hammer to release ball joint from knuckle. Perform steering sweep. Tighten using a 18 and 15mm wrench. Chock the rear wheels and jack up the front of the vehicle. 22. 2. Install the brake line assembly to the new bracket using the supplied 3/8” x 1” bolt, washers and nut. 25. Rough Country Lift Shackle. Check to ensure brake hoses have sufficient slack and will not contact rotating, mobile, or fixed members, adjust lines/brackets to eliminate interference and maintain proper working order. 34. See Photo 11. If the stock bolt is 16mm the caliper mounting location will need to be enlarged using a 41/64” drill bit. See Photo 13. Remove the lower strut bolt using a 30mm socket and 1 –1/16” wrench. See Photo 25. 10. See Photo 3. Read our Privacy Policy. Please note the position that the sway bar is installed from the factory to make sure it is reinstalled correctly. 19. You won’t find better deals or lower prices for authentic Rough Country Products anywhere else in Canada. Remove tie-rod end using a 21mm wrench. Place jack stands under the frame rails and lower onto jack stands. available on most items - Details. On the driver side, pull slightly on the brake line to allow the line to be installed on the new bracket. 13. $378.25 - $471.53. 43. $137.93 - $275.93. 41. The company’s Satisfaction Guarantee Program Replacement Warranty means you can always be at ease that you’re hard earned money goes a long way with Rough Country. $434.95 - $549.26. 18. Tighten using a 9/16” socket and wrench. Remove the bearing from the stock knuckle with a 18mm socket. Rough Country HD2 Running Board. 46. Tap lightly with a hammer to release ball joint from knuckle. Suspension Lift Kit on your F-150. Photo 3. Raise up the rear of the vehicle and remove the jack stands. Remove the ABS wire from the bearing assembly using a 5mm allen wrench. Install the sway bar body on the sway bar links located on the lower control arms. 6. If you reside in Canada and order your Rough Country products from us, you will pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees! Separate the e-brake cable as shown on the drivers side and remove the e-brake cables from the frame mount as shown in Photo 5 & Photo 6. Do not use air impact on the upper and lower ball joint, tighten with hand tools. Tighten using a 9/16” on the sway bar drop hardware and 18mm wrench on sway bar links on the lower control arms. 7. Re-torque all nuts, bolts, and especially u-bolts after the first 100 miles, again after another 100 miles and then check periodically thereafter. Install the front and rear cross-member using the factory hardware. Rough Country Extended Brake … 5. DODGE, DODGE RAM, RAM TRUCKS, RAM 1500, SRT/10, 1500 SLT PLUS, 1500 SLT, ST, LARAMIE, DAYTONA, MEGA CAB, SLT/SPORT/TRX, SLT/TRX, R/T, SPORT, LARAMIE LONGHORN, TRADESMAN HEAVY DUTY, TRADESMAN/EXPRESS, TRADESMAN, HFE, REBEL, LONGHORN ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES (FCA). Install the upper leaf spring u-bolts on leaf spring and blocks. Suspension Lift Kit on your F-150. Our customers pay no customs, duties, or brokerage fees, ensuring that they get the lowest prices anywhere (domestically or internationally, some exclusions apply). SALEEN IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF SALEEN INCORPORATED. *Note* the body of the shock goes toward the axle mount. Install the supplied 10mm studs in the strut spacers on the end with the smallest holes. On the passenger side remove the brake line from the two factory clips. See Photo 1. See Photo 19. 11. Hang caliper out of way. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Depending on the brake caliper bolt size, the knuckle may need to be drilled. Conceived in this great nation, our company strives to meet the needs of all consumers for automotive parts, such as tires, bike racks, performance parts, and more, in Canada. See Photo 27. 2. 7. Install the lower control arms using the supplied 18mm x 160mm cam bolts, washers and nuts. Loosen the lower ball joint using a 24mm wrench. 11. See Photo 21.Do not tighten at this time. Check all fasteners for proper torque. See Photo 14. 12. Tighten with a 18mm socket. See Photo 4. 13. See Photo 7. Do not tighten at this time. See Photo 28. Remove the sway bar from the frame mount using a 15mm socket. 23. Tighten hardware. Secure with supplied 10mm nuts, washers and lock washers. Free & Fast Shipping. See Photo 24. Rough Country Bull Bar Light Bar. See Photo 12. 5. See specific Item Page for details. Install nut to hold the sway bar in place but do not tighten at this time. Do not use air impact on the upper and lower ball joint, tighten with hand tools. Tighten using 24mm and a 12mm wrench. Install the factory passenger side brake line in the new bracket using the supplied 5/16’ x 3/4” bolt, washer and nuts. THROUGHOUT OUR WEBSITE AND OUR AMERICANTRUCKS SIERRA, RAM, AND SILVERADO CATALOG THESE TERMS ARE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY. Install the dust shield with stock bolts and a 8mm socket. See Photo 30. See Photo 4. Install brake line bracket with factory bolts. You can always give us a call if you’re having trouble finding a particular product on our website. All manufacturer names, symbols, and descriptions used in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes only. 8. This means you can purchase any of the brand’s products, install it, bolt it on, use it, test it, and if you aren’t happy with it, you may be eligible for a full refund within 30 days, just make sure to check our refund policy page.