Step 3. Bisque is super easy to prepare and cook for a weeknight meal: It's ready in just 15 minutes. Herbed Shrimp-and-Rice Salad Recipe. Step 4. For this recipe, I used peeled and deveined shrimp from my local grocery store seafood counter and whole snow crab legs. Here's another throwback recipe we often made for baby or bridal showers. Pour the mixture into the bag and add the other 1/2 … Mix all above ingredients with cooked rice. This light, bright 15-minute recipe is the answer to your last-minute luncheon prayers. Some groceries stores even offer fresh lump crab meat at the seafood counter. Mix shrimp and crab meat and season well with Tony's Creole seasoning. Depending on season and availability, this would be even easier with a king crab leg. This seafood bisque is made with crab and shrimp, but you may choose to substitute another seafood or add a third, such as lobster, scallops, or firm, flaky fish. This wild rice seafood salad with crabmeat and shrimp is perfect for a ladies luncheon, shower or a delicious summertime meal.. Make an aluminum foil bag with heavy duty foil, or purchase a foil bag. Turn heat off under sauce pan. Back then we often held these showers in our homes. Cook under medium heat until onions are soft (20 minutes). To get the best quality crab meat available to me, I used whole snow crab legs and removed the crab meat myself. Now, many showers are coed. Our Herbed Shrimp-and-Rice Salad might look fancy, but this pretty lunch recipe is so easy. 1 pound of shrimp (fresh) 2 cups of cooked rice (rice has to be cooked so that the grains are very lose) Instructions: In a large sauce pan heat Olive Oil until hot, then add the crab meat, parsley and onions. Add shrimp and cook for 10 minutes.