And best of all: adrenaline-pumping bush plane flights.”, Book it: Get prices for Waterfront Bed and Breakfast and other area hotels, “Everyone thinks the Amazon is the place to go in South America for wildlife, but the vegetation is too thick and the habitat destruction [is] too widespread now. Adventure cruises by boat are an exciting way to explore the world’s great rivers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). 25 Secret Places NO ONE Is Allowed To Visit. Taking an internal flight out to Kabalebo Nature Resort can have you kayaking in uncharted rivers, wildlife spotting and going on guided ranger trips into the country’s interior. The 125-year-old recipe was stored in its original vault, at SunTrust Bank, then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to the World of Coca-Cola, in December 2011. The following list is a compilation of some of the least known, underrated, yet unbelievably beautiful places on Earth. Off the beaten track and with few modern-day markings, Lixus is one of the oldest inhabited sites in Morocco. ... but it costs a lot of money to get that done. Neat! Yes, Holkham Beach is award-winning, yes the estate owned parking can be limited, but it’s so easy to lose any crowds  by taking a walk through the  pine forest or along the amazing wide open beach. Ultra-secret military bases, temples or secret clubs for the well-dressed gentlemen, there are some places in our planet that are difficult to access for ordinary people like us. Think Greece is all package holidays? Or prouder of yourself? Riding to the spectral church on horseback from the nearby village of, Labyrinth Park of Horta and you’ll find a place where time stands still. What lies behind the fences that surround the Area 51? Keep calm and enlist on the 14-year waiting list, just for the chance of paying a fortune for a drink. Add a little bit more cheer in your travels by visiting the most colorful cities in the world. The updated Rough Guide to Morocco is out now. Home to the mausoleum of Tamerlane and ancient mosques, Samarkand is the destination to be if you want to experience culture, beauty and legends all at the same time. Children love it, especially if you tour the islands by boat. in hidden niches decorating the waves of the temple. Coca-Cola’s formula, created in 1886 by the pharmacist John S. Pemberton, is seen as one of the world’s best kept trade secrets. It was originally started in the 18th century by and for the upper class. My backyard overlooks the sprawling Blaise and Kings Weston estates in north Bristol. Greece has the tenth longest coastline of any country on the planet and there are still plenty of areas (and beaches) free of other travellers. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Despite all this, several people have attempted to catch these dangerous vipers, and to sell them, as they are rare species, therefore very expensive on the black market. , a parasitic plant that has the largest bloom in the world. 5) Þingvallavatn Lake, Iceland This lake is pretty special because it literally changes alongside the different seasons. The town of Matera in the Basilicata region of Italy (find out more: The koalas of Kennet River on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, Yaxchilan, the ancient Mayan city in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. The powerful entity, which has been existing for decades, is suspected to raise funds through counterfeit and illegal drugs and weapons trade. The government has enforced this restriction as it does not want sensitive information to get into the hands of foreigners. 2) Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece But how many of its inhabitants do you know? Because a leading tour firm have listed their top 20 following a survey when found that, when we find somewhere exclusive and special, we tend to keep it to ourselves. Trummelbach waterfall, Switzerland, the biggest waterfall in Europe (Shutterstock). 8) Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Paro Valley, Bhutan It is said that the poison melts the flesh around the bites. And they are very dangerous as they are poisonous. It is treated like a bank, being constantly and heavily monitored by high-tech security, and it can be accessed only by individual plant owners or organizations that store their own personal seeds in there. The journey from São Luís to Barreirinhas takes about three hours. Some resorts and hotels offer deals ranging from the simplest extra hour before checkout to the most extravagant and most bizarre things imaginable. The public is kept a few feet away from even touching the vault thanks to a barrier put in place to keep the secret formula extra safe. But this island, whose name sounds attractive to those who love adrenaline, is completely different. Photo by Paul Farmer. 100km north-east of Rurrenabaque, in the Bolivian lowlands, is Santa Rosa, the remote jumping off  point for boat tours on the slow-moving Río Yacuma, where wildlife is bountiful. Whether for the ancient woodlands of Epping and Hainault or the bird-heavy coastlines and marshy wildernesses – like Rainham Marches and Two Tree Island – that stretch up the Thames. It is a closed military town in Russia, in the Republic of Bashkortostan, therefore it is represented exclusively on classified maps. The ancient part of the city, also known as ‘the medina’ is painted in different shades of blue. Flock of ferocious Amazonian piranhas (Shutterstock). Wrong! Visiting them often means meeting locals, as well, Al Nour in Marrakesh, a professional training centre for women with disabilities, who create hand-embroidered bed and bath. I’m not saying Game of Thrones actually happened but when I look at the 7,000 foot tall Mont Aiguille, hovering over the town, all I can think of is “winter is coming”. The investigative journalist Duncan Campbell stated that Americans still use this base to monitor communications in several states via the global spy system ECHELON. Why wasn’t it built at 33,333 feet is beyond me. 16. ’Travel far enough and you’ll meet yourself’ – or so the saying goes. Treehouse Point, Washington State, USA (One of America’s Most Amazing Places to Visit) Suriname River, Upper Suriname (Shutterstock). Huacachina, Peruvian Desert It might sound annoying to be denied access in a church, as it is a place for everyone, no matter your race, color and religion. Stretching out for about 160 kms, this saltwater lake contains the highest amount of salt water in the world. Even if Pope Leo XIII allowed scholarships to enter these archives in the late nineteenth century, they are still considered secret as access is allowed only to a few documents and not to the entire 85 kilometers of shelves. The lagoons at Lencois Maranhenses, Maranhão, Brazil (Shutterstock). If you’re tired of hearing about the same old tourist attractions like the Eiffel tower, the Colosseum or the Statue of Liberty, prepare to be amazed. Caroline Morse Teel is the Managing Editor for SmarterTravel Media. It’s been scientifically proven that colors have quite an effect on a person’s mood. Vibrant colors can instantly make a person cheerful and happy, while darker colors can make him somber. It’s the best place on the planet to see jaguars in the wild.”, Book it: Get prices for Hotel Mato Grosso Aguas Quentes and other area hotels. While its neighbouring island Gili Trawangan is now a hotspot for backpackers, the island of Gili Meno remains firmly off the beaten track.