It is a confection, and it tastes sweet. When buying purple sweet potatoes, look for those that are firm to the touch and absent of any brown spots, wrinkled skin, or sprouts. Toriaezu biru basically means, “Let's start off with beer,” which is no surprise as beer tops the list of the most popular drinks in Japan. Lower heat to medium and cook for another 5-10 minutes. How to Store Purple Sweet Potatoes First of all, cut sweet potatoes … 13/ago/2013 - Having a sweet potato beer from Japan @ Sumi. Nobody whines about pairing sweet peas or glazed carrots with beef, lamb, chicken, etc. Move the potatoes around now and then to coat with the thickened sauce. IMO any meat can pair with sweet potatoes. It is also very popular way to taste sweet potatoes in Japan. The Okinawan sweet potato has brownish-white skin similar to regular potatoes. It is the similar way to cook as a double baked potato which is tasted in America. Once potatoes are done, turn off heat and transfer to a bowl. Actually, people in Japan call it ‘sweet potato’, so it is very confusing. It’s all in the preparation, because some herbs/sauces are more savory than others. If you need a go-to drink in Japan, beer is a recommended starter especially if you are at an izakaya where it's popular to use this phrase. The main clue as to when potatoes first entered Japan comes from its name in Japanese, jaga-imo. Lower heat to medium-high and cook for 10 minutes turning potatoes occasionally. The other kind has a purplish skin, making it easily identifiable as a purple sweet potato. Sauce will start to caramelize. Japanese Alcohol from Beer to Yuzushu and More Beer.