You have entered an incorrect email address! And if the weather permits and you’d rather spend your time exploring nearby waters, whale-watching, kayaking and fishing are popular activities. Tirimbina Rainforest Reserve, Costa Rica, 9. Because of the test sites, this expansive chain of volcanic islands is famous for spectacular scuba diving sites. Visitors can take a deep breath amidst a sea of lavender on the purple fields and imagine life as a perfume creator or ‘Nose’ who avoid alcohol, tobacco, and spicy food in order to maintain their nuanced sense of smell. When travelers visit Spain, they usually flock to popular metropolises of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia or to well-known beach hangouts like Ibiza. Without a doubt, Greece is an international destination you need to visit in a lifetime. The world we live in is a very interesting place. You’ll even find one of the oldest hotels in America in this town. Tour the 2.5-mile Hollywood Beach Broadwalk or the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, which features more than 20 murals across buildings. Exploring its much talked about dense forests and mines, I further delved my footsteps into the valleys encompassing beautiful vineyards and scenic panoramas. Nicknamed the “Little Paris of Middle Europe,” Budapest, Hungary, is rich with history, notable art, music traditions and more. While its neighbouring island Gili Trawangan is known for attracting backpackers, the island of Gili Meno remains firmly under wraps. With hiking trails and secluded beaches, it’s just as beautiful above the water. What's more is the abseiling, boating and fishing, snorkeling, coastal wine tasting and scenic flights that were just the perfect ways to experience the essence of Coles Bay. If you’ve already been to these places, you’re ahead of the pack. Known as “the gem of the San Juans,” Orcas Island has a bit of something for everyone. An off-beaten path really, a place where you’ll find gorgeous natural beauty, culture and history without pushing through a thicket of selfie sticks? You’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. This town in British Columbia is home to the Fernie Alpine Resort. ✈ Flights to Bolivia✈ Snorkel the Aquarium in Rangiroa, French Polynesia One word defines why Charlotte, North Carolina, is a destination worth the trip: NASCAR. History buffs can visit the beaches of D-Day and other WWII locations or tour medieval towns and castles, such as the island of Mont Saint-Michel. Tirimbina Rainforest Reserve, Costa Rica Come with us on a journey to these 20 undiscovered holiday destinations before everyone else catches on! Whether it's stepping foot on virgin forests or surfing an isolated unhabited island; whether it's finding a trek around a red sandstone hill top or swimming in the waters of a lake abandoned thousand of years ago; my travels always seem to seek the most unique of places that just prove to me how magically and wonderously nature works! Views of the Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh, India, 3. Parked in neutral gear, we first thought it was some paranormal ghost story coming to life as the car moved up the steep slope of the mountain!! Nestled between Iceland and Norway, Denmark’s Faroe Islands are a perfect getaway far from the noise. This two-island nation is packed with endemic plants and animals, and therefore a perfect destination for a nature-lover! With no overcrowding, there is ample opportunity to appreciate the unspoiled paradise boasting pristine beaches, clear waters, rainforests, volcanic peaks, unique wildlife and a stunning crystal lagoon bordered by coral reef make it one of the most stunning unknown destinations in the world.