How I wish this were not the case! the teachers almost ignored the textbooks for Religion Class . It seems that the Church has also found itself more and more financially strapped from the mistakes they made in the sexual abuse scandals. Now as a parent, I have become friends with other parents trying to raise good Catholic kids and we support each other. Faith isn’t observed at home. Smaller class size means more individualized attention and your child won’t be just another kid. What strikes many people about Catholic schools is the quality of pastoral care. Send us an email The purpose of an education in a Catholic school is not just to ensure future economic success, but to encourage our pupils to serve the common good of society. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. If a young person is Christian then they will be supported in their formation to mature in the faith through the school’s chaplaincy, retreat programmes and accompaniment. I pay for my grandson to go to Catholic school. All Years Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Con: However the school has very few minorities. This makes it harder to find friends. If I ever slept over at a friend’s house on Saturday night, I knew to pack my church clothes because the next morning, we’d be going to Mass. She loves leading small faith groups for moms and looking for God in the silly and ordinary. The result is that a lot of trash had entered our schools out of the Church’s desperation. I imagine this doesn’t have to be limited to Catholic school, but the added exclusiveness of a faith-based private school seems to more easily foster this undesirable social situation. You missed that catholic schools are not always truly “counter-cultural” (if only they were!!!). What the Catholic school offers is a Christian vision of reality, a set of values based on the loving, caring, challenging mission of Jesus. It’s no surprise that quite a few of the words on Collins Word of the Year 2020 shortlist have one big thing in common: the pandemic. I wanted them in an environment where faith is interwoven throughout the subjects—including, and most especially, science. Message on Twitter. and upon asking around it seemed that I was one of the few with these convictions. While they are an added expense up front, uniforms can sometimes be worn for more than one year and take the hassle out of finding something to wear everyday (something even the kids learn to love very quickly!). Well, yes, that’s part of being in a Catholic school but the approach is sensitive to the background and make-up of the pupils. Our principal is a mealy mouthed cowardly dufus who admitted to me he only cares about the money. What you very often find is that pupils respond very positively to opportunities for spiritual reflection and growth, so often lacking in today’s society. This was one of my arguments when I laid down the “my children will attend Catholic school” ultimatum prior to getting married. He also has begun his Confirmation classes. Can’t your grandchild’s parents pay the tuition? What is Distinctive About a Catholic School? For families with a disabled child, this means two different schools with two different schedules and a lot of chasing around. Sounds like or school. While some Catholic schools can accommodate some kids with learning or physical disabilities, not all can and they aren’t federally mandated to. My son currently attends a public high school because we could not find a Catholic High School we could afford or find worth the value of the high cost, spiritually or academically. Pupils in Catholic schools are invited to develop a moral compass, a set of values based on the Gospel to guide their future lives. Morality and virtue are woven into social studies so children don’t just learn that slavery is bad, but also that—as Catholic Christians—we believe in the inherent value of all people because they are children of God. Weekly school Mass, however, is more than just attending Mass. Again, this one is both a pro and a con. Virtual CISC & Eduhealth Webinar – Wellbeing Action Plan, Laleham Lea students donate for Operation Christmas Child, Guidance on liturgy taking place in schools under the latest Coronavirus Regulations. After I was pulled out, I lost most of my friends- the parents didn’t want their kids playing with someone who didn’t go to the school anymore, regardless of our shared Faith. Con- Sometimes there may be poor leadership from the principal. Collins English Dictionary. On top of which 15% of the days are “free dress” and they violate the rules for that as well. “Teachers in Catholic schools are more likely to leave their positions than teachers in public schools,” he said. or more often upon issues in day-to-day life that may have impacted their spirituality. Jesus reveals a God who is compassionate, forgiving and gentle, whose very nature is love and who urges us to live in love and to build up a kingdom of love. But on the positive side, it also gives you an almost automatic group of prayer warriors who will hold you in prayer without even asking! We do not believe that human beings are random and that nature is some magnificent freak of evolution. In Jesus, we see the human face of God, the revelation of the nature of the Father. Some catholic schools truly have a surface sheen but a truly toxic and faith smothering undercurrent. Why Is Homeschooling a Good Choice for Christian Families? In such an environment they can flourish. Con: (but this one sits the fence between pro and con…) Usually in a smaller school environment, everyone knows everyone else’s business, this includes parents and families. [Public schools embrace gender fluid ideology and those who agree with the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality are labeled bigots. The Catholic school is part of the mission of the Church to build up the kingdom of God, to make society more just, to create a civilization of love. A study by Walter F. Przygocki discusses teacher retention and the challenges for Catholic schools. No discipline whatsoever.