Now SUZANNE MOORE writes a blisteringly powerful riposte that Femail proudly publishes - in the name of free speech, Why Covid-19 patients with diabetes or heart disease are more likely to die REVEALED: Virus latches onto cholesterol molecules to gain access to cells, study shows, US Fertility, which has 55 clinics nationwide, is targeted in ransomware attack with patients' names, addresses, and health data stolen, 'I'm all done with the Rona': Don Jr  celebrates being COVID-free and heads off to spend Thanksgiving 'with the family' as he and girlfriend Kimberly show off MAMMOTH spread, Tragic scenes in New York as socially-distanced Thanksgiving food bank lines run for blocks - with two million expected to go hungry today amid unprecedented demand for food banks, Narcissists classed as key workers during the Covid pandemic thrived because it made them feel like 'heroes' and 'gave them a chance to shine', SCOTUS rules in favor of Christian and Jewish groups who challenged NY's COVID restrictions on religious gatherings, as Catholic Justice Amy Coney Barrett joins 5-4 majority in her first public vote, Covid-19 patients with persistent symptoms who recover at home are MORE likely to have health problems three months later than those who were treated in ICU, study finds, REVEALED: Covid vaccine trials did NOT monitor whether participants took other steps to prevent infection like wearing masks and social distancing, 2020's latest victim: Macy's scaled-back Thanksgiving Day Parade is a wet and surreal affair as it goes TV-only - with Hamilton actors performing in NY's deserted streets and the usual crowds forced to watch from home, Cuomo brushes off SCOTUS decision in favor of Christian and Jewish groups who challenged his COVID restrictions on religious gatherings and says 'ruling is practically ineffective', Wyoming governor who called residents 'knuckleheads' for not taking Covid seriously but resisted calls to make mask wearing compulsory has tested positive for the disease, Happy Thanksgiving from Hollywood! The Spa Studios shared a link to the team hearing the news on TV. This was such a different thing for me, to play a real person.”, At the premiere of Richard Jewell, she ran into Bobi Jewell on the red carpet. 'I'm just so thrilled that our Little Women has been recognised by the Academy,' Ronan told ABC News in a statement. All good in the hood: Adam Sandler was not nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the drama Uncut Gems. Bobi looked very different then, she was more my size, so that made me feel good. And yet, her focus remains on bringing her best work. ', Thanks! ', He sure is happy: Tom Hanks was one of the first actors to react to his nod in Best Actor in a Supporting Role for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Before that the South African native had tweeted: 'Holy sh*t. I am floored, Thank you.'. This year, Bates is enjoying her fourth Oscar nomination, this time for Richard Jewell, the Clint Eastwood-directed true tale of a heroic security guard falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, although he actually found the device and saved many lives. The ‘90s served up some great roles for Bates, including ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’ in Titanic, and a part in The Waterboy opposite Adam Sandler—who, despite his own Oscar nomination snub this year for Uncut Gems, was one of the first to congratulate his onscreen ‘Mama’ on Twitter. Tinsletown sprinkles the glamour on Turkey Day as A-listers from Reese Witherspoon to Christine Brinkley share pictures from inside their beautifully decorated homes, CEO of Sanford Health is let go after telling staff that he wouldn't wear a mask in the office because he'd recovered from COVID-19 and believes face coverings are 'just a symbolic gesture', Disney will lay off 32,000 workers - 4,000 more than previously announced - after reporting a $1.1billion quarterly loss at its theme parks due to pandemic closures, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate their first Thanksgiving dinner in the US with a 'quiet and cosy' home-cooked family meal featuring fresh vegetables from their garden, royal expert claims, Walmart, Target and Best Buy are among the stores CLOSED today for first time in years - with plans to reopen for Black Friday BUT with strict rules to avoid crowding, Oxford-AstraZeneca will likely run a NEW global coronavirus vaccine trial after the jab blocked 90% of infections in participants that were accidentally given a LOWER dose, CEO says, Fired Trump lawyer Sidney Powell publishes two typo-ridden lawsuits with flimsy 'expert' evidence claiming Iran and China used Venezuelan voting software to rig election and says 96,000 absentee ballots in Georgia were NOT recorded, Who's next in line for a Trump pardon? “She’s a Baptist, my mother was a Baptist. 'I FaceTimed my mum and she screamed for a long time, and I FaceTimed my dad and his phone died - these are the two that have been pumping me up and keeping me going and supporting all of my stuff since I was tiny, so they are so thrilled and they can't stop screaming. 'Joker began as an idea, an experiment really— could we take an 'indie approach' to a studio film by inverting it into a character study to reflect the world around us? Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Joker. The actress also had a serious response to her nomination: 'Thank you to the Academy for this wonderful recognition,' said the Misery star. At one point I said, ‘I just want to get this right for you Bobi.’ And almost like a little girl, she said, ‘Well, just be me.’ And I thought, ‘Oh God, if that were true, I’d have 15 Academy awards by now.’ I had to, as an actor, create a character of Bobi, otherwise it would have been robotic. And to do it for someone on behalf of someone, that’s been a real gift for me at this stage of my career. The music they listen to.” Says Bates, “It means you really have to work hard before you get to the set, which is what Jessica Tandy used to call our ‘kitchen work’. Also seen was Scarlett Johansson who was also nominated for Marriage Story (as well as Jojo Rabbit), 'I am so proud of the brilliant writing, directing and the magnificent cast of Marriage Stort. “We sat and talked for two or three hours and I recorded her voice. 'We are deeply grateful to @TheAcademy for our nomination this morning. OSCAR NOMINATIONS 2020: Adam Sandler hilariously congratulates Waterboy co-star Kathy Bates who responds 'you was robbed' for Uncut Gems snub By Heidi Parker For Happy Thanksgiving from Hollywood! There’s a wonderful shot in the movie, it was one of Clint’s favorite shots, where the FBI has come in, and a gazillion times we’ve told Richard, ‘Don’t say anything. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. His film was also in the Best Picture category. You don’t even realize it’s happening.”. Frozen 2 was shockingly snubbed for Best Animated Feature. 'Antonio has been a part of my films and my life for over thirty years. “I was getting ready to do my first directing gig for PBS. Her co-star Saoirse Ronan landed her fourth career Oscar nomination, this time for Best Actress. Love and gratitude to my fellow writers in the Academy!'. And I said, ‘So Mike, what’s your advice? “And you can just live. All Rights reserved. The comedian wrote: 'Congrats to all my friends who got nominated, especially Mama.'. These are not your friends.’ And there’s a shot of him at the end of the dining room table putting on the gloves. As Hollywood wakes up to the news of this year’s Oscar nominees, statements are pouring in from the lucky contenders, including from surprise nominee, Kathy Bates. “And I don’t mean with all the marching bands and the confetti, I mean, working with another incredible director, and doing a story that matters.”. No words can describe it, better just watch it,' said the note. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, 'U.S. 'I was in bed,' she said. We are beyond humbled that our peers in the filmmaking community have embraced the film and its message. And then the father-of-two gave a shout out to his former Waterboy co-star Kathy Bates, who was nominated for her work in Richard Jewell. “I said to Clint, ‘I’ve been doing this for 50 years, but I finally feel like I hit the big time,’” she says. I continue to feel overwhelmed with gratitude today to the Academy for recognizing my performance and our song Stand Up.’. The cast and crew of Klaus seemed genuinely shocked when they were nominated for Best Animated Feature. But then, beyond the film, there has been other progress for the memory of Jewell. But the 53-year-old SNL vet - who is best known for the comedies First 50 Dates with Drew Barrymore and Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston - took the slight in stride when he hit social media on Monday morning: 'Bad news: Sandman gets no love from the Academy.