Astral. He grabbed and activated the Action Card Yuya missed, "Quick Guard", to protect Yuya from defeat, but took the intrusion penalty in the process. After he defeats Sylvio and Gong he anticipates Yuya using Pendulum Summoning to Special Summon multiple monsters at once in the following Duel, and uses Double Exposure and Double Sensorship to take advantage of Yuya's swarming capabilities. Shay found Kite first and Kite explained that Aster had followed Yuri. Indeed, Lulu tried to attack Shay, and Kite told him that he would go find the Duelist and left Lulu to Shay. This article's edit history is not complete. Kite was still determined to rescue Lulu and headed to the Western Tower. Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! [4] One of the teachers at the school was Yusho Sakaki. He’s a tough and intelligent Number Hunter, meaning that he’ll hunt you down and steal your Number Card… along with your soul! Yusho explained that Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri were actually fragments of a demonic Duelist named Z-ARC, and that they were trying to revive him by becoming one. Zexal, and Mikako Komatsu is the Japanese voice. Despite bringing out "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon", Shay was able to counter the effect of "Cipher Dragon" with "Raptor's Intercept Formation" and mitigate some of the impact of that attack with an Action Card, "Miracle". Unwilling to give up, Yuya Xyz Summoned his strongest monster, "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", surprising Kite, who started to question Yuya's identity. VOICE ACTOR (ENGLISH): Christopher Kromer. He managed to bring out "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" to take control of "Clear Wing" and Yuri's "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", but Yugo was still able to leave a last line of defense with "Speedroid Skull Marbles", much to Kite's frustration, and he apologized to Aster for being unable to leave optimal conditions for his turn. Kite explained to Aster about Yuya and Yuto, but noted that the force that they had felt was abnormal. Main Yu-Gi-Oh! Kite still seemed to consider sealing Shay into a card, but stopped and left without a word. Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! To Kite's surprise, New Domino City of the Synchro Dimension began to materialize in the Fusion Dimension, and a highway began to materialize in front of Jack. Shay, Allen, and Saya interrupted the Duel and cleared up the misunderstanding as Shay revealed that Yuya, Sylvio and Gong were his comrades. He also wears a … As Jack began to travel up the highway, Kite wondered if there was any substance in Jack's words. Yusho explained that Yugo and Yuri were Dueling and attempted to head to them, but stumbled weakly and Kite caught him before following Aster. Upon hearing Yuya's last name and Saya's plea to return, Kite refused before taking his leave of them. In every outfit he wears, Yuma is always wearing the Emperor's Key around his neck, which is hung by a black string. Fortunately he spotted Shay's "Rise Falcon" and jumped on it. He then carried Shay on his back and escaped with the others while Yuya Dueled Aster. He attempted to take control of "Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion" with the effect of "Galaxy-Eyes", but the effect of "Supreme King Z-ARC" protected his monster. ARC-V anime. As a voice actor he has done English anime voiceovers for Yûsha ô Gaogaigar, Berserk, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Hi no tori, Kurokami: The Animation, Queen's Blade Rebellion, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Kite claimed that "Galaxy-Eyes" was a part of him and that he no longer needed comrades. Sometime after Kite Dueled Mizar, Kite ordered Orbital 7 to find out more about the Barians.During the course of research while flying around the city, a plastic bag flew into his vision, which caused him to crash into a nearby park fountain. voiced by Eli James and 3 others. As his monsters are mostly Level 4 and his ace card "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" is Rank 8, his main tactic is to swarm the field through "Cipher Wing" in order to gain the benefits of his "Cipher" cards or to increase the Levels of his monsters to 8 in order to Xyz Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". [14] Kite made it to the top of the tower and found Shay with Lulu. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. Zexal Cast. This is reflected by his ace monsters' effects stealing the opponent's monsters. However, Z-ARC used the fourth effect of "Dark Rebellion" to return it to his Extra Deck and Special Summon two "Supreme King Dragon Darkwurms" from his Graveyard to reduce the ATK of Kite and Shay's monsters to 0. voiced by Eileen Stevens and 4 others. Orbital 7 appeared at the end of Yuma and Fender's Duel, electrically shocking Fender into unconsciousness.. VOICE ACTOR (ENGLISH): Christopher Kromer. Zexal Franchise: Yu-Gi-Oh! Though "Ultimate Falcon" nearly won Shay the Duel, "Cipher Mirror Knight" and "Cipher Clone Magic" enabled Kite to come back and defeat Shay. Zexal along with the anime film series Berserk: The Golden Age Arc and the animated film The Painting. He uses an array of Continuous Cards that largely focus on giving benefits by controlling multiple "Cipher" monsters of the same name, using cards like "Cipher Interference" to double the ATK of one of them, or "Cipher Shield" to prevent them from being destroyed by battle. He was a famous professional Duelist in the Xyz Dimension's Heartland City before the invasion of Duel Academy, after which he becomes a member of the Resistance. Yuto assured Kite that he showed the same bravery by admitting his own mistakes and enduring the pain of losing his family and friends. He became infamous among the soldiers of Duel Academy for sealing many of their soldiers into cards, and a bounty was placed on his head and his Deck analyzed. Before he left, Kite tossed Saya's "Little Fairy" to Shay. He also informed Dennis and Yusho that Yuya opened Aster's heart and got Duel Academy's army to rebuild the Xyz Dimension. Leaping up the platforms of "Crossover" to reach Shay and Z-ARC, Kite quickly Xyz Summoned "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon". Yu-Gi-Oh! Kite attended the Clover Branch of Heartland Duel School[1][2] and he used to be close friends with Saya Sasayama and Allen Kozuki who attended the same school as him. Kite moved to seal Shay into a card after the Duel, but stopped to reconsider after Saya pleaded with him. Shay arrived and grabbed Kite's shoulder. He has light blue-grey eyes, pale skin and blonde hair that curls up in a point with a dark green spiked front and bangs. Kite told them not to get in his way and sealed the Duel Academy Duelists into cards despite their pleas to be spared. He immediately walked away, ignoring Allen and Saya. He challenged Mamoru to Duel him if he had the resolve to put his life on the line, forcing the frightened Deputy Commander-in-Chief to surrender. His attire includes a black trench coat with a high collar over a grey shirt, a finger-less black glove on his right hand, and white pants with black boots. [1], During the invasion Kite joined the Resistance and fought alongside Shay and Yuto. [24] Kite was surprised when Crow was able to deal damage to Z-ARC and when it appeared that Sylvio had destroyed "Supreme King Z-ARC". He was horrified as a result when Dennis McField voluntarily sealed himself into a card. Yugo appeared, and Kite pinned him to the ground, as he thought that Yugo was a Fusion follower. Yu-Gi-Oh! [7], Kite continued hunting Duel Academy Duelists. Kite urged Yuya to listen and used "Rank-Up Gravity" to force Z-ARC's monsters to attack their Ranked-Up monsters. Back at their hideout, Allen expressed his concern over their decision to let Aster and his former Duel Academy squad come to their hideout and help them. ZEXAL. Kite was surprised when Crow Hogan showed up to Duel Z-ARC alongside Sylvio, as Crow had been sealed into a card. Kite's family was sealed into cards by Duel Academy during this attack. Fortunately, the newly arrived Gong had joined the Duel with Jack Atlas, and Gong caught them safely. Aster explained that the Professor had a Duelist who could control people's minds and Kite asked Aster to go to the Eastern tower and tell Yugo while he informed Shay, fearing that the same had probably happened to Rin. Vetrix was formerly involved with Dr. Faker's business, and has sworn to take revenge alongside his sons: Trey, Quattro and Quinton. Kite also uses cards like "Cipher Chain" and "Cipher Diffusion" to deal with multiple opponents at once. Christopher Kromer, Actor: Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I - Haou no Tamago. After defeating Diana with both dragons, Kite broke down he door leading to Lulu's room and met up with Lulu, telling her that Shay was waiting. Duel Academy's invasion also caused Kite to be distrustful of outsiders who are not from the Xyz Dimension, even if they are not from Duel Academy, seeing them as nothing more than intruders that threaten the peace of his world. Yugo and Aster clashed with the effects of "Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Destiny HERO - Dystopia", and Kite used "Split Guard" to negate their destruction. They found Yuya locked inside a cage, but wondered what was wrong with him and were blasted back by his synchronized awakening. [1], With Yuya learning his name, Kite concluded that Yuya and his friends were indeed from Duel Academy. Upon defeating three of them, Kite was found by Allen and Saya, who had been searching for him.